Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1382

After half an hour, the taxi stopped on a quiet street.

"I can't go inside there. You have to walk a little." The driver peeked at Ning Tianxin from the rearview mirror, finding her odd.

She looked like a university student, yet she was here alone going to a private clinic.

Most girls came here for abortions.

"Okay, thank you." Ning Tianxin paid the fare and stepped out of the car.

She walked into the dark alley. At the end was a lit up signboard that said, "An Tai Hospital".

Although the name said "hospital", it was just a house and was more like a clinic.

Ning Tianxin placed her hands on her stomach. She felt like lead was chained to her foot. After a long time, she finally walked inside.

The dark alley was like a beast, slowly consuming the girl


The nurse at the receptionist counter was munching on some sunflower seeds while watching a drama series on her phone. Although she saw someone walked in, she did not even raise her head., "Abortion?"


"Inquiry or do it right away?"

"Do it right away."

"Go and pay in the room next door, then we can start the operation."

"How long willit take?"

"It depends. We'll do a checkup first. Usually, it'll just be a few minutes. At most, it'll take about half an hour. Don't worry, it'll be quick. Our doctors conduct dozens of operations like this every day. They are very experienced."


After the fees were paid, she went through an obligatory check-up. In the operation room, an old doctor was preparing his tools. "Alright, go and wait outside. We'll start the operation in ten minutes."

Ning Tianxin nodded and sat down on the rickety bench.

To abort this child, she had checked through all the hospitals available, but now, there were no inquiries, no warning, and no waiting. She just had to pay and the operation would be done. It was too quick for her to even react...

Ten minutes

After ten minutes, this child who should not exist in this world, this child that would make his father suffer, this child that caused such a chaos... Would finally leave this world

Ning Tianxin looked down. Her hair was covering her eyebrows and she held the sonogram image of her baby in her pale hands. In the image, the baby already had taken on a human form. It had small hands and feet, and was lying down obediently

It was so, so cute

Tears fell onto the picture

The girl was now holding the picture close to her heart, crying without a sound, her whole body trembling

"Baby, I'm sorry... I'm sorry

"Sorry... Mother can't keep you

"Sorry... Mother loves you"

She had never told anyone how much she wanted the child although it was a surprise to her, even if the child caused her so much pain.

She remembered the first time she had gone for acheckup. When she saw the image of the child in the machine for the first time, her heart felt so tender.

But she understood, like Mo Lingtian's love, this child did not belong to her

Mo Lingtian, this is the last thing I could do for you

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