Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1390

"What haunted villa?" Tang Lang questioned in a blur daze.

"There one where First Senior Brother and the rest live!"

Tang Lang yawned lazily. "Why're you going there for? Aren't you scared of ghosts?"

"I need to look for someone."

Tang Lang was even more speechless. "Look for someone? Who is it?"


After the long moment of silence from the other end of the phone, Tang Lang continued, "Does your Lu Tingxiao know you're asking me to accompany you to look for women?"

"I have some serious business that needs Annie's expertise. She's been grounded by Satan and can't come out now. Make your way over now. We'll immediately meet there," Ning Xi spoke quickly.

"I'm not going! What if I bump into Tang Ye, that pervert?" Tang Lang groaned, determined not to fall into such a situation.

"Nonsense! Obviously, I need you as a back up if I've to go against First Senior Brother!" She could settle the rest of them herself.

"Hey! Where's your humanity!?"

Ning Xi instantly ground her teeth viciously. "How dare you talk to me about humanity? Do you want me to punch you?! You should really count how much money you owe me since you've returned to the country! What's your measly salary doing?! The last time after we hung out, didn't I pay for the bill!? Even if you prostitute yourself to me, it wouldn't be enough to repay your debts! Besides, this is your rightful duty as a bodyguard, okay?"

Tang Lang immediately refuted, unconvinced, "Why is it not enough to repay you? My head was once on the Original Sins leaderboard for a bounty of US$ 100 million, alright?"

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands. "I can't believe you think it's okay to brag about that..."

After she was done with Tang Lang, Ning Xi immediately rushed to Yun Shen's residence in the suburbs.

Now, although all the doctors had pronounced that it was unlikely for Sis Tianxin to get pregnant again in her current condition, she wanted Annie to check Sis Tianxin out. Even if there was a sliver of hope, she wanted to try her luck.


After she went home and changed into a male outfit that made it easier for her to move around, Ning Xi drove her Blackie and rushed to that sinister, old residence in the suburbs.

Even though it was daytime, the house still took on an eerie look, worthy of its title as Imperial's number one haunted house.

However, because it was daytime, plus having watched an entire hard disk of horror movies that seemed to have taken effect, Ning Xi was obviously much calmer this time.

Tang Lang looked up at the villa and started commenting, "Pfft.... One look at this house and I know that that guy has basically bidden goodbye to any other girl... Which girl would be willing to come home with him?"

"Enough nonsense. Let's quickly get things done." Ning Xi held her breath and looked on, then she quietly pushed opened the gate and sneaked in.

It was best was to sneak Annie out without alarming anyone else, then send her right back in half an hour. Hush-hush...

Just as Annie had said, there did not seem to be many people there today. She did not even see 16. Ning Xi had very smoothly avoided startling any sirens. She climbed up through the windows and found Annie's room.

"Annie..." Ning Xi called out in a lowered voice.

"Bro Xi!" Inside the room, the sulky girl, who was pounding medicine, put down her things and flew over to her. "Bro Xi, you're finally here. I miss you so much!"

"Be good... Don't cry..."

Ning Xi gently consoled the girl, then looked apologetically. "I'm sorry, Annie. I need to trouble you again."

Annie immediately shook her head hard. "Bro Xi, don't say that. You saved my life! I'm just afraid that you won't need me!"

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