Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1392

"It's because you're useless that I have to learn from others!" Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him.

The three of them were having an intense fight. Although Ning Xi hadlearned a few tricks from Han Xiao, she could only hold on for a little while. The both of them were losing against Tang Ye.

Tang Ye had already lost his mind. A blow landed on Ning Xi's shoulder, then he aimed towards Tang Lang's fatal area...

Until a lazy voice came from somewhere nearby.


Suddenly, Tang Ye stopped. All his movements halted mid-step.

Tang Lang had sweat all over his forehead. To his relief, he managed to avoid Tang Ye's fatal blow.

Ning Xi was panting as she bent over and glanced over at the white-haired man. It was Yun Shen

It was over. This guy had come back.

Tang Ye's wild insanity vanished. He now looked lost and lonely.

Ning Xi was really troubled when she saw Tang Ye's expression. What exactly had happened?

First Senior Brother was seriously weird today.

After some time, Tang Ye returned to his senses and he stared right at Tang Lang. "Follow me."

Tang Lang wiped the blood from his mouth. "Damn it! Can I not go?"

He was going to die if he went now. It was all Tang Xi's fault!

Tang Ye replied with a cold voice, "If not, we'll continue."

He would continue the fight if he did not follow? Damn

"Yes, yes, coming." Tang Lang went up with him.

Ning Xi looked at the two of them worriedly, "What happened to First Senior Brother?"

The white-haired man smiled and looked at her. "My dear, shouldn't you be worried about yourself? You want to steal my people when I'm not around?"

Ning Xi's expression darkened.

Steal his people?

Ning Xi was still worried about her First Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother, but she did not want to cause a scene. She took a deep breath and admitted, "I'm here to look for Annie. I only need half an hour with her. Under what condition will you let her leave with me? Tell me."

The man raised his eyebrows. "Beg me"

"I beg you."

The man looked disappointed. "That's not fun at all."

Ning Xi was speechless.

So, what do you want?

The man saw Ning Xi's defeated expression. "Pay me."

Ning Xi saw a chance and she perked up. "Sure, how much?"

The man then replied, "Cookies. 10,000 of them. Made by you."

Ning Xi was speechless once again.

Ten thousand cookies... Won't you diefinishingthem?

Annie was blaming herself now that Bro Xi had gotten into trouble. As expected, the boss was still angry about the cookies. She should have been more careful and not let the boss see the cookies! She knew that his way of thinking was very different from how normal people thought.

Annie was really anxious and she tried to help. "Bro Shen, 10,000 is a little too much! And you want her to make them herself"

Yun Shen then thought about it and nodded. "It's a little too much indeed. 9,999 cookies then."

Ning Xi, Annie, and 16 all were dumbstruck.

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