Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1393

Was there any difference between 10,000 and 9,999?

One day, I'll take all the girls from your organization away!

Ning Xi was offended but she took a deep breath and said, "9,999? Sure! But my initial half an hour will take a month!"

She did not care anymore. Her priority was to bring Annie to check on Sis Tianxin, so she requested for more time in case of an emergency.

The man's white hair was swaying in the air as he smiled. "Deal."

Ning Xi was afraid that he might go back on his words, so she swiftly ran away with Annie.

"Bro Xi, are you really going to make that many? You're not going to make them all by hand, are you?" Annie looked worried.

"I'll do it. Why not? I'll make sure he's stuffed to death!" Ning Xi then took a glance at the direction Tang Ye and Tang Lang had left in.

She wondered what was the matter with them

Nevertheless, she could not care less. Yun Shen was there. First Senior Brother had returned back to his senses, and with Tang Lang's thick skin, he would be fine!

"Get on and hang tight." Ning Xi helped Annie put a helmet on, then quickly drove towards the hospital.


At Ren Ai Hospital, Annie looked curiously at the pale white girl on the bed.

She looked really unwell and very weak, but Annie could see that she was a real beauty.

Seeing how nervous Ning Xi was, and that she had mustered up her courage to go look for her even though she was so terrified of ghosts, Annie asked, "Bro Xi, is this... Your new friend?"

"She's my cousin, Ning Tianxin," Ning Xi replied.

"Oh... She's your cousin!" She looked much happier. "What happened to her? She looks like she's lost a lot of blood"

"She did abortion in an unauthorized clinic. Some accident happened and caused her to hemorrhage. She was just rescued in time and almost lost her uterus. All the doctors say she can't have children in the future anymore." Ning Xi sounded serious.

Annie nodded. "Then... Let me take a look."

"Okay!" Ning Xi quickly brought her a chair.

Annie sat down beside the bed. She gently took up Ning Tianxin's wrist and started her examination.

Ning Xi stood beside quietly, not daring to interfere.

Time passed by. Annie's expression looked more solemn by the second and Ning Xi's heart sank little by little.

Could it be that Annie could not help either?

After about five minutes, Annie stopped and put Ning Tianxin's wrist back under the blanket.

"Annie, how's my cousin?" Ning Xi asked.

Annie sighed, "Does she have a cold uterus?"


Annie then said, "Although she had a cold uterus before, it wasn't really serious. Some supplements could help with that. But now, apart from having a cold uterus, her abortion severely exhausted her body. She's lost a lot of blood, and her energy within her is depleted as well"

"Is there any way to help? Is it true that she can't get pregnant ever again?" Ning Xi was really nervous.

Annie chose her words carefully before saying, "The chances of her getting pregnant are very low, but it's not impossible. The problem is that with her condition as of now, she won't be able to keep the baby if she gets pregnant again."

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