Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1395

She had been on the go since the middle of the night till now and Ning Xi felt light-headed. After she finished dealing with the media, she was about to find a spot to rest before the ceremony began.

However, the moment she pushed open the door to the resting lounge she saw...

Jiang Muye, Mo Yuxiu, and Su Yan...

Each one of them took up a corner to sit in and the vibe between them was odd.

It was fine with Jiang Muye and Mo Yuxiu, but why was Su Yan in the actor's resting lounge too?

Bloody hell, she better find somewhere else to rest!

Unfortunately, it was obviously not that easy. Ning Xi was about to escape when Su Yan, who sat on the left side of the sofa, had gotten up and started to walk towards her. "Xiao Xi..."

Xiao Xi?

Mo Yuxiu, who had been quietly observing Jiang Muye, suddenly turned his gaze towards Su Yan.

Did Su Yan and Ning Xi know each other? He even called to her so intimately...

Unfortunately, Mo Yuxiu was still there, so Ning Xi could only turn around to answer, "Yes, CEO Su?"

"Can we talk? I have something to tell you."

"Sure." To avoid Mo Yuxiu picking up anything to use against her, Ning Xi could only follow Su Yan out.


As he watched the two of them leave the resting lounge, Mo Yuxiu's expression instantly changed.

This Su Yan! Even his gaze towards Ning Xi was odd!

Could it be that Ning Xi's boyfriend was not Jiang Muye, but Su Yan instead?

Did Su Yan not have a girlfriend already? And the two of them were about to get married soon!

Damn it! This girl could not have gotten together with a taken man, could she?

Jiang Muye watched as Ning Xi left with Su Yan, looking quite unhappy too. What would these two talk about?


Moments later, Ning Xi and Su Yan found themselves in the garden behind the hotel.

"Be quick if there's anything you want to tell me. The ceremony is about to start!" Ning Xi glimpsed at her watch and said hurriedly.

Su Yan looked at the girl with mixed feelings. A while later, he finally took out a red invitation card and passed it to her. "Xueluo and I have decided on the wedding date. It's on the 8th next month."

Ning Xi took the invitation and looked at it apathetically. "Congrats!"

When he saw Ning Xi's reaction, Su Yan did not know why he felt even worse.

If she could still mock and insult him like before, that would show that she cared, but now...

When he saw that Ning Xi just wanted to leave after receiving the invitation and offering her congratulations, Su Yan clenched his fists tightly and suddenly chased after her to pull the girl's hand. "Xiao Xi! Don't you have anything you want to say to me?"

Before Ning Xi could say anything, a hand suddenly appeared from behind and grabbed Ning Xi away from Su Yan.

Ning Xi turned her head. She raised her brows at Jiang Muye who had suddenly run over. "Blondie?"

Jiang Muye shot her a scowl. "What's there to talk about with an ex? What if pictures of the two of you were taken?"

Then, he looked coldly at Su Yan. "Mr. Su, you're about to get married. Please watch yourself. Even if you're not afraid of gossip, my little junior sister is afraid of scandals!"

Su Yan watched the two of them leave with a frown.

Not only were the two of them close, Jiang Muye even knew about him dating Ning Xi in the past.

Could the rumors about Ning Xi dating Jiang Muye really be true?

After he brought Ning Xi away, Jiang Muye immediately demanded, "What nonsense were you talking about with that trashy man?"

Ning Xi shrugged. "He was obviously here to wait for me. I decided to just settle it once and for all to save my time!"

Jiang Muye looked at her sceptically like he did not quite believe her. "Really? You wouldn't happen to still be hung up on this first love, would you?"

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