Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1399

"I remember that the first time I met him was on a bus. I was on my period and had bad stomach cramps. He was sitting next to where I was standing with dyed hair andodd clothes, yet he stood up and offered me the seat."

Qin Mufeng looked at the girl as she was reminiscing about the past. He suddenly thought of a saying, "Love; not knowing where it comes from, deep into it we fall."

Damn it! Was Mo Lingtian blind?

After Qin Mufeng was done chatting with Ning Tianxin, Ning Xi dragged him into the kitchen. "Qin Mufeng, be honest with me. How's Sis Tianxin's condition?"

Qin Mufeng looked helplessly at her. "Boss, I've told you a lot of times. Don't fret thing.Tianxin has a frail outer appearance but she's strong inside. She's really calm! She won't fall into depression or seek death!"

"Are you sure?"

"Trust in my professionalism, alright?"

Ning Xi's expression indicated she had serious doubts.

Qin Mufeng glanced at the girl in the garden. She looked so thin and pale, but there wereno signs of resentment in her expression. Instead, she was relaxed.

Ning Xi waved her hands in front of Qin Mufeng's eyes. "What are you staring at?"

"With my past experience, I thought her psychological state would be unstable, but in the past few days, she's really surprised me. In a nutshell, Tianxin is really alright. Maybe she was revived after experiencing death once!"

Ning Xi was relieved.

"So, my job as a psychiatrist is done here! The therapy is finished!" Qin Mufeng said.

Ning Xi was surprised. "Huh? This soon? It's only been a few days!"

"Nonsense. If I continue to be her psychiatrist, how do I get closer to her?"

Ning Xi's eyes flew wide. "What did you say?"

"Uhm... Nope! Nothing!"

Ning Xi squinted her eyes and looked at him. "You said it. You want to get closer to her!"

Qin Mufeng was dripping with sweat. He could only admit, "Fine, well... Tianxin... She's totally my type! I want to get closer to her!"

In his profession, he could not have any other special relationships with his patients.

"You bastard! She just went through such a traumatic experience!" Ning Xi looked like she was about to kill him.

Qin Mufeng waved his hand and shrugged. "It's exactly because of this that she needs a new relationship to forget about her past painful experience!"

Ning Xi stared at him. "And... You don't mind Sis Tianxin's condition?"

Qin Mufeng replied, "Of course not. It's not her fault that she fell in love with the wrong person. As for having a child, I don't mind at all! I have seven siblings at home. I'm not tasked to have children! My parents are both overseas and they're pretty open about stuff like these!"

"Are you serious?" Ning Xi frowned.

Qin Mufeng sighed, "Bro, Tianxin is your cousin. Would I tell you all this without being serious? If I'm just fooling around, don't you think that I'll be afraid you'll break my third leg?"

"Great that you're awareabout that!"

"But well, don't tell her that I like her. It'll scare her off if you tell her now while her current condition is stable. She'll have severe trauma!"

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