Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407: Do You Think Id Get It Wrong?

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Lu Tingxiao glanced up, his view shifting from his laptop to Lu Jingli's face.

That gaze was extremely suspicious

Lu Jingli felt a little confused and scared. "Bro, what... What's wrong?"

Lu Tingxiao ran his fingers across the date and the room number, then he said in a terrifying voice, "It was me."

Lu Jingli scratched his head. "Huh? What? You?"

Lu Tingxiao repeated the date and the room number. "That night, the person who booked the room was me."

Lu Jingli was totally thunderstruck as if he could not understand what Lu Tingxiao had just said. "Bro... You... What are you saying? This room... You... You booked it?"

"I deleted the record that night personally as well," Lu Tingxiao continued.

There was a dead silence in the room.

After a while, Lu Jingli quickly went up to Lu Tingxiao's table and took a look at the dates and room number again, especially the date. His eyes widened and shock was etched all over his face. "I... Damn it!"

He remembered

"Wasn't this... The day I drugged you five years ago!?"

He had totally overlooked it. He had not thought about it at all!

However, it was not his fault! It was such a long time ago and he had been really focused on investigating Xiao Xi Xi's matter, so he did not think about this. He did not really notice the date. As for the room number, their family had been regular customers at Qin Yuan Hotel, so he would not remember something as specific as the room number.

Now that his brother mentioned it, he finally remembered!

No wonder no matter how hard he tried, he just could not find the person!

He could never find something that his brother had personally deleted! No one could ever know!

Lu Jingli looked at the pages again and again, going out of his mind. "Five years ago, you and Xiao Xi Xi appeared at the same hotel... At the same time... What a crazy coincidence! Bro, did you remember wrongly?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at him with his ice cold gaze. "Do you think I'd get it wrong?"

Lu Jingli was slightly intimidated and shook his head wildly.

No! Never!

Lu Jingli held onto his head like it was going to explode. "Then, what happened?! I'm going crazy! It's impossible that Xiao Xi Xi went into your room! That bastard"

Lu Jingli suddenly stopped short when he mentioned the word "bastard". "Nope... I must've mistaken something!"

Oh God! Someone please tell him that this was all a dream!

What a terrifying turn of events!

And something even worse was coming.

Lu Tingxiao turned the page and asked, "The day that Ning Xi met with an accident and had a premature delivery... Was it the 18th of August?"

Lu Jingli nodded, uncertain why his brother suddenly mentioned this. "Yes, I'm sure."

Lu Tingxiao pinched the glabella between his eyebrows, his expression like a stage-12 typhoon. "What day did Little Treasure come to us?"
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