Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1408

Lu Jingli's face cracked the moment he heard the question. He was dumbfounded, then after a while, he answered, "18th...of August... It was 18th of August as well!"

Lu Jingli felt like he was going to pass out processing so much information at once.

Five years ago, the place where he had drugged his brother, and where Ning Xueluo had drugged Ning Xi was coincidentally the same place and the same time!

The most terrifying part was that the day Ning Xi met an accident and gave birth to a dead child was the same day Little Treasure had arrived at the Lu family's!

This... What did all this mean?

He had called the person a bastard for so many days... Could it be...?

Lu Jingli did not dare to think about it anymore!

"Continue with the investigation." Lu Tingxiao's expression hardened. Even Lu Jingli did not have the guts to look at his face.

"Yes... I'll go and look it up again! I'm probably wrong. Xiao Xi Xi wouldn't have gone into your room!" Lu Jingli looked extremely troubled.

Before he left, Lu Jingli mustered up some courage. He stopped and turned around on shaky legs. "Bro... No matter how much I investigate, there'll surely be some mistakes here and there. Although you booked the room, other people might've gone inside... Actually, there's a method to clear things up..."

"Shut up!"

"Oh" Lu Jingli was so startled that he ran away. He had never seen Lu Tingxiao any scarier than this.

If even he could think of this, of course, his brother thought of the same thing as well.

The easiest way was to let Ning Xi and Little Treasure to do a DNA test, then everything would be as clear as day.

But how could he say it!?

He was so terrified!

That night that he had drugged Lu Tingxiao, he had given him three times the normal dosage.

Lu Tingxiao's room, number 713, was opposite of the room 718. Moreover,713 and 718 looked so similar

What if... What if Xiao Xi Xi went to the wrong room... And met his brother who had been drugged so heavily?

If everything went by his guess, then Xiao Xi Xi's child would be his brother's child! However, Xiao Xi Xi had given birth to a dead child, so how could the child have been sent to the Lus without her knowledge?

Lu Jingli felt his brain was about to be shortwired!

From his conversation with Lu Tingxiao, he knew how much hatred Ning Xi had towards the man, and how much pain the man had caused Xiao Xi Xi. If the man who raped Xiao Xi Xi was his brother, then

Oh God! He was so dead!

Wait, no... It was not all negative anyway

If Xiao Xi Xi was Little Treasure's mother, then he would be really happy!

Could he use this to beg for forgiveness?

In the study room, Lu Jingli should be grateful that he ran away because the moment he left the room, the temperature dropped to near freezing point. The man emitted a terrifying aura around him.

Lu Tingxiao could never have guessed that the investigation of the man who had humiliated Ning Xi might have led to him

The man that he wanted dead... Might be himself

All of this sounded like a ridiculous nightmare!

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