Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1409

Some time passed by as Lu Tingxiao remained stationary in the study room. Out of the blue, he stood up and put on his coat. He took his car keys and headed out.

"Master, are you going out?"

"Prepare the car. I'm getting Little Treasure."


At the school entrance, school had just ended and many people gathered around the entrance. A lot of lively children walked out and left with their parents.

Lu Tingxiao's usually tidy collar was now ruffled as he quietly leaned against his car with a lit cigarette in his hand.

Finally, a familiar tiny figure appeared at the school entrance.

The little bun was carrying his little bag, putting up his usual stern face while waiting for the chauffeur to fetch him. Just then, he saw a familiar car and the familiar person right beside it.

His eyes brightened up and he sprinted over. "Mommy!"

Lu Tingxiao extinguished the cigarette. "Your mother didn't come."

The little bun was disappointed, turning from a steamy hot bun into an ice-cold bun in an instant.

The black car rumbled along the road as the scenery outside the window passed by quickly.

Inside the car, the adult and child were both silent.

Little Treasure sat expressionlessly in the passenger seat while Lu Tingxiao grasped the steering wheel and plodded along, but he was glancing at his son through the rearview mirror at the same time.

Little Treasure's expressionless face looked exactly like his. A perfect copy. No one would ever doubt that this little guy was not his son.

Even after so many years, every time someone doubted Little Treasure's identity, they would just give up the moment they saw Lu Tingxiao.

"Is Mommy coming over tonight?" Little Treasure asked.

"I'll give her a call." Lu Tingxiao stared at the contact labeled "My Love" in his phone list for quite some time before he finally made the call.

"Hello, my sweetheart!" The girl's voice floated through the phone like a warm river flow that calmed his exhausting heart.

"Where are you?"

"I was just done with work. Zhuang Rongguang called me and invited me to go to the shooting range, so I'm going there to blow off some steam."

"Can I bring Little Treasure over? He misses you."

"Of course, bring me my cute little son!" Ning Xi chirped happily.

Lu Tingxiao had a lot of thoughts running through his mind when he heard her say "my cute little son".

"Okay, we'll be there soon."

"Are we going to where Mommy is?" Little Treasure's face lit up.

"Mm-hmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

The little guy then put up a smile.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at him. The moment Little Treasure smiled, his expression looked exactly like Ning Xi's

Lu Tingxiao was taken aback.

Ever since Ning Xi had appeared, Little Treasure started to smile a lot more. He then realized that when Little Treasure smiled, it was a different expression from his own.

Some people had mentioned that Little Treasure was becoming more and more like Ning Xi after spending so much time together, especially their smiles.

He used to think it was just coincidence and never gave much thought to it.

Now, he remembered how Little Treasure acted intimately with Ning Xi when they had first met, how Ning Xi's oddly loving attitude was towards Little Treasure... All of that... What a terrifying coincidence!

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