Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410: Such A Beauty Can Shoot?

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At the shooting range, despite just being a few months, Ning Xi almost could not recognize Zhuang Rongguang when they met.

It was not just his outlook that had changed. The vibe he exuded was brand new. He was chatting with his friends, a sign of determination in his expression.

It seemed like he had really changed for good and not made some half-assed change.

Ning Xi was wearing a custom-made Spirit red dress with a pair of silver diamante high heels. She took off her sunglasses and revealed her beautiful face.

Today was not a holiday, so not many people would go to the shooting range. Even as a celebrity, she did not have to hide having some fun at the shooting range, so Ning Xi did not bother with a disguise.

Anyhow, Ning Xi still attracted quite some attention, purely by merit of her outward appearance and not her identity as a celebrity.

Ning Xi's male outfit appearance was much more popular than her female outfit, especially among the girls. Most of the people in the shooting range were guys, so not everyone could recognize her in a female outfit except for several fans.

"Wow! There's a beauty! A hot one too!"

"Where?! Where is she?!"

"Isn't that the celebrity Ning Xi?"

"Which Ning Xi?"

"The female lead of 'Dream Chaser'. She looks just like that in her female outfit!"

"Why would a celebrity come here? Could she like shooting?"

Zhuang Rongguang heard the gossip around him and he turned around towards the entrance.

The young man took some time to recognize who the beautiful lady with strong aura was. He waved his hand excitedly. "Sis Xi, here! Come over!"

Zhuang Rongguang had made quite some friends recently and all of them went up to him.

"Hey! When did you know such a beauty?"

"And a celebrity on top of that!"

"Introduce to us!"

"Is she your new girlfriend?"

Zhuang Rongguang blushed a little as he elbowed the young man behind him. "What are you talking about? Didn't you hear me calling her 'sis'? She's my sister's good friend! She's got top-tier shooting skills! She's the expert that I mentioned before!"

"Wha Zhuang Rongguang are you kidding me? The godly expert that you mentioned is her?"

"You're joking, right? It's impossible! Such a beauty can actually shoot?"

"I thought it would be a really manly woman"

Ning Xi heard their conversation from far away and felt tickled.

"Sis Xi! You're finally here! Let these idiots see what real gunmanship is!" Zhuang Rongguang went up to her excitedly.

Ning Xi picked a gun and attempted a few trial shots, which were already enough to impress the young men. Soon, they all started calling her "sis" too.

When Zhuang Rongguang saw the shocked expressions of his friends, he felt prouder than when he was praised himself.

More and more people went over, so Zhuang Rongguang brought Ning Xi to another quieter range.
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