Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1419

Why was the lady boss together with this extremelyplain-looking artiste!?

And she was even acting so seductively!

Was she not someone who judged by aesthetics?

If she wanted to find someone else, it would not be him, would it?

Wait, that was not the point!

The point was that she was cheating! What had he found out!?

Shi Xiao was going crazy

Something even crazier was coming

Lu Tingxiao would never be able to resist his woman, so he kissed her back. "Be good. I'll accompany you tonight."

Shi Xiao was crushed when he saw the man kiss her. He was so shocked that he forgot to follow them and just watched them walk away.

Damn it!

What should he do now?

Should he report it to the boss now? Could he still live after knowing the fact that his boss was being cheated on?

Should he beat up that artiste? What if another one came again after he beat up the first one?

Ning Xi was worried about her exes, so she did not notice Shi Xiao at all. Moreover, her impression was that Ke Mingyu was the devil himself, so she did not avoid Shi Xiao at all. She forgot that Shi Xiao did not know about the disguise.

As for Lu Tingxiao, he only had his wife in his eyes.

On the way back to the set, Ning Xi decided she should let Lu Tingxiao know. "Dear, the people in this crew might be a little complicated"

Among them, she did not have to worry about Jiang Muye. Su Yan would not be visiting too frequently, and she was confident that she could settle Mo Yuxiu on her own. It was easy if she were to face them by themselves, but it might be a little tough to take them on all together. Oh, and there was also that annoying person.

She was afraid that he would cause some ruckus. Fortunately, no one knew Ke Mingyu was Lu Tingxiao yet.

"That boss of Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group... He's the largest investor in this series... And he's going to act as my father" Ning Xi struggled to tell Lu Tingxiao.

As for who the boss of Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group was, Lu Tingxiao would surely know.

A dim light glowed in Lu Tingxiao's eyes. "Mmm, I get it."

"Hmm, didn't you say there's something between you guys? But he doesn't know you're Lu Tingxiao, so there shouldn't be any problem," she guessed.

"It's alright, carry on with work."


After she told Lu Tingxiao, she felt relieved when she saw his reassuring expression.

They were both walking towards the crew when they suddenly bumped into a person. Ning Xi's heart almost stopped.

The man had his usual arrogant stance and white hair with his two bodyguards behind him. The man took off his sunglasses when he saw Ning Xi and smirked. It was as if he could see through her soul. He scanned Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu

Lu Tingxiao had no change in expression. No one could tell what he was thinking about.

Ning Xi felt incredibly nervous when the guy kept on looking at Lu Tingxiao. She quickly tried to break the ice. "CEO Yun, isn't your part in the afternoon? Why are you here so early?"

The man stopped assessing Ke Mingyu, then he smiled and looked at Ning Xi. "My dear, because I miss you!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Damn you,Yun Shen!

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