Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1420

"Oh, right" The man suddenly closed in. "My dear, don't forget about our promise... I want them tonight"

Ning Xi was startled.

Damn you!

It was just some cookies, yet he just had to phrase it so ambiguously!

The man left, but before he departed, he glanced over at Ke Mingyu.

After Yun Shen left, Ning Xi quickly turned around and explained to the devil, "Dear, don't listen to his nonsense! I went to ask for help from Annie and was forced to make a deal with him. This sick bastard wanted me to make him 9,999 handmade cookies for him! I promised him at that time because I was too worried about Sis Tianxin"

She was troubled about this guy the most, but she did not expect the problem to arise so soon. They had just met and she was almost shocked to death!

Ning Xi was having a headache. "That bastard loves to make fun of others. Don't believe anything he says. Just believe me, okay?"

Ning Xi was a little confused. Did that guy act that way just now to just tease her, or did he realize Ke Mingyu's real identity and intentionally said those words in front of him?

It seemed impossible! Even she could not recognize Lu Tingxiao! She had to be overthinking.

The darkness within Lu Tingxiao's eyes vanished when he saw the girl awkwardly trying to explain herself. "Of course, I believe you."

Of course, he would not fall for such cheap tricksbut...

That person had been appearing in Ning Xi's life more and more frequently. He could not just ignore it.

He had given her the crown at the charity dinner, then there was the incident at the party, and now he even invaded her workplace

This girl in front of him did not notice at all. She did not know that man was actually...wooing her!

There was a dark mist in Lu Tingxiao's mind.

If that man was really here for her and would do anything to get her back, would Ning Xi return to him?

"Dear, what are you thinking about?" Ning Xi waved his hands in front of him when she saw he was daydreaming.

Lu Tingxiao compartmentalized his thoughts. "Nothing. What about the cookies? Need any help?"

Ning Xi was relieved when she thought Lu Tingxiao did not mind about what had happened. She said confidently, "Nope, it's easy. I can settle it on my own!"

After Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao left, a person came out of behind a pillar.

Meng Shiyi stood there, looking surprised and angry.

She was angry because Yun Shen had really been seduced by this vixen, even speaking to her in such an ambiguous tone. She was surprised because she did not expect Ning Xi would be with such a low-level artiste and she really seemed to carea lot about him. She tried so hard to deny her relationship with Yun Shen and it did not seem fake

Meng Shiyi had a suspicion on her mind. Was Ning Xi that stupid? She ignored Yun Shen and went for a male artiste who was a nobody!

Well, all of that was not important. The main point was that Yun Shen really liked that vixen

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