Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1424

In reality, Ning Xi never said how great her acting was. Her acting abilities had traveled through word of mouth via all the crew members she had worked with before, yet it now sounded as if she had been tooting her own horn. Consequently, the other people in the crew also pointed their fingers at her with unpleasant words.

"I heard from friends who've praised Ning Xi's acting. I thought she was a capability camp! Who would've thought that she was just another one relying on her looks? How disappointing..."

"Actually, if you compare Ning Xi's acting to those good-looking actresses, she's actually considered pretty good. Just that this time, she's met a real capability camp!"

"Indeed, it's all about relativity. When compared to Meng Shiyi, you can see who's the better one right away!"


When she heard those words around her, Xiao Tao was infuriated.

What!? Her Bro Xi's acting is amazing! She could wipe out Meng Shiyi by miles!

Despite being the party implicated, Ning Xi did not care at all. Her entire body and mind were vigilant about what a certain evildoer would do next. She really did not have the unnecessary mood to deal with Meng Shiyi, and this time she was aware that her performance was disappointing but there was nothing she could say...

"Bro Xi, what's up with you recently? Are you ill? How about I tell Sis Zhizhi? We can apply for a few days of leave for you from the drama!" Xiao Tao asked worriedly.

"No need." Ning Xi waved weakly.

Why would she apply for leave? It was just a matter of dying sooner or later...

After the short dispute, the shoot finally continued.

Ning Xi briefly skimmed the script and her spirits lifted a little.

Finally, it was time for her dearest darling's scene.

Even though most of Lu Tingxiao's scenes were with her, today's scene was a little special. It was with Meng Shiyi.

From the corner of Ning Xi's eye, she met Meng Shiyi's gaze by coincidence. She could not help but frown. There was an uneasiness in her heart.

Why did she feel like there was something fishy about the way Meng Shiyi looked at her earlier?

Ning Xi shook her head. She thought that she was really being paranoid now. Ke Mingyu and Meng Shiyi had nothing to do with each other!

Meng Shiyi retrieved her gaze, then she skimmed Ke Mingyu opposite her with disdain.

This was the man Ning Xi liked?

Huh, she would really like to see what was so different about this man!

"3, 2, 1... Go!"

This scene depicted Leng Aoxue who had been severely injured during a certain sun-setting experience practice, and by chance, Yun Huang saw her.

Yun Huang often acted fiercely and inhumanely, but the male lead, Ling Xiao, was her only weakness. She knew that Leng Aoxue was Ling Xiao's sweetheart that he was madly in love with. At last, she secretly sent her shadow guardian, Liu Yan to rescue her.

In the jungle.

Leng Aoxue's white robe was soaked with blood, while her shoulder and torso had horrifying wounds as a result of being attacked by wild beasts. She lay barely alive in her own pool of blood. The beauty's pale face was still incredibly breathtaking although she was on the verge of death. The cameraman quickly zoomed in for a few shots.

At that moment, a masked man in black appeared quietly like a ghost before Leng Aoxue. After checking Leng Aoxue's injuries, he then helped her up.

Leng Aoxue's captivating eyes looked in bewilderment at the person before her. "You... Who are you?"

There were no issues as the plot progressed to this part, but something suddenly flashed across Ning Xi's eyes. Her gaze was shooting straight towards Meng Shiyi like a sharp blade.

Just then, the character Leng Aoxue, portrayed by Meng Shiyi, had her clothes slightly rumpled due to her encounter with the beasts. She vaguely revealed twin cunning curves and a deep ravine, so pure yet inviting...

If Ning Xi's sight did not fail her, when Meng Shiyi was acting with Ke Mingyu, she seemed to be indistinctly rubbing her chest against Ke Mingyu's arm...

Kas-shhh! Aspine-chilling sound was heard.

Jiang Muye watched in sheer terror as Ning Xi actually crushed the teacup in her hand into pieces...

Pieces... Pieces!

Hmm, it looked like... Someone was running out of luck...

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