Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1435

The sound of a phone ringing interrupted her gloating to herself. Ning Xueluo took out her phone to take a look. It was an unknown number.

"Hello? Who's this?" Ning Xueluo asked with a sweet and courteous voice, thinking that it was a guest who was calling.

"Xueluo... It's me... It's mother..."

Ning Xueluo's expression instantly changed. She covered the mouthpiece on her phone and smiled at Su Yan beside her. "Bro Yan, I'm going to take a call."

"Mmm, go ahead."

Ning Xueluo rushed to the courtyard with her phone. The sweet smile on her face instantly vanished, and she spoke sternly now, "Didn't I tell you not to call me?"

There was a pause from the other end, then came the sound of a slightly embarassed voice, "Xueluo, I heard that it's your engagement today... As your mother, I just..."

"Shut up!" The sound of "mother" seemed to have touched Ning Xueluo's raw nerve. She immediately cut her off sternly.

Sun Lan probably realized her daughter's fear of the taboo, so she immediately changed her words, "I just wanted to congratulate you..."

"There's no need. As long as you pretend that I don't exist, I'd be really grateful to you!"

"Oh, earlier, Xiao Nuo went looking for you..."

"How dare you mention Xiao Nuo? How many times have I told you guys to never come to the Ning residence?! Did you even hear what I said? Must you ruin me before you're happy?" Once that incident was brought up, Ning Xi's fury was ignited again. She did not even bother asking about the reason Tang Nuo had come to the Ning residence.

"Xueluo, it really hurts me to hear you to speak like this. I know that you don't have it easy in the Ning family either. So as not to cause you trouble, we've never once gone looking for you all these years. This time, it was because we had no other option. That was why we let Xiao Nuo make a trip to Imperial..."

"Enough! I'm very busy right now. I've no time to talk about all this with you. Just say it, how much money do you want? But just this once! Please get it straight. You guys have never raised me a single day. I don't have any obligations to you lot and I'm not your ATM!" Ning Xueluo immediately guessed that based on the tone of her voice, Xiao Nuo had probably come looking for money. She instantly looked disgusted.

"No... Xueluo, you've misunderstood... I'm not calling because of money..." Sun Lan never would have thought that her daughter would misunderstand her like that. If it was not for those rogues who had forced them into a tight spot, they would not have troubled her. Still, she had not even asked why Xiao Nuo went looking for her at all or what might have happened at home before she uttered such words.

"Xueluo, why are you here alone?" Behind her, Su Yan's mother called out. Ning Xueluo did not wait for Sun Lan to explain and quickly hung up.

"Aunty Su..." Ning Xueluo rushed to flash her signature sweet-tempered and lovable smile.

"Good child! It won't be long before you have to correct yourself and call me 'Mother-in-law'! I've waited this day for five years!" Su Yan's mother playfully tugged Ning Xueluo's hand affectionately.

Ever since Ning Xueluo's identity had been exposed, Su Yan's mother's attitude towards her had become quite indifferent. Even after Ning Yaohua had transferred all his shares to her, it was still hard to return to how it was.

Ning Xueluo never would have thought that Su Yan's mother would suddenly become so friendly towards her. She could not help but feel a little taken aback by the affection, then she quickly revealed a shy and touched expression. "It's my good fortune to have a mother-in-law like you!"

Su Yan's mother smile spread wide as she tugged at Ning Xueluo's hand to say a few more intimate words, then she changed the topic. "Xueluo, on your wedding day, is your family inviting anyone from the Zhuang family?"

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