Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1437

The next morning, at the Lu Corporation office, the directors meeting had just ended. As everyone had departed, only Lu Chongshan and Lu Tingxiao were left in the meeting room.

Because of Little Treasure's speedy recovery to the point that he was just like any other normal child, in addition to his intelligence and outstanding performance, the atmosphere in the Lu family was pretty harmonious.

However, the family gathering was soon approaching and Lu Chongshan was reminded of his worries again.

"Tingxiao, the family gathering is near. As the eldest son of the family, how are you going to explain the situation? Are you going to tell them... that their future lady of the house is a little actress?"

Lu Tingxiao looked out of the window without any expression. "I don't have to explain to anyone."

Lu Chongshan was enraged. "You're in an important position! How could you say something so blase?"

"It's exactly because I'm in this position that I can."

If he could not even protect the one he loved in his position, there was no point doing anything anymore.

Lu Chongshan looked helpless and exhausted.He softened his tone, "Tingxiao, it's normal that you have someone you love. I'm not against you being in a relationship with this woman. You can dote on her however you want, but the position as lady of the house is not a joke."

With Lu Tingxiao's position, there would never be a problem as to whomever and however many women he wanted, it could be easily solved with money, but the one he was going to marry would be a family matter.

Besides, Lu Chongshan's biggest worry was Little Treasure

After a short silence, Lu Chongshan said with a serious expression, "Tingxiao, it doesn't matter how much you dislike Ziyao. You have to admit that with her family background, at least Little Treasure's kidnapping three years ago would never have happened!

"As for Ning Xi, can you be absolutely sure that an actress at the very bottom of the food pyramid wouldn't have any impure thoughts when she sees everything the Lu family has? What if she uses Little Treasure against us, especially now that Little Treasure trusts her so much?!"

Lu Chongshan halted a little and looked regretful. "If I knew you were going to pick a woman like her, I would rather find out who Little Treasure's real mother is and get her in!"

Although Lu Chongshan had rattled on so much, Lu Tingxiao did not look like he heard a word he said. He just sat in the main chair and rested his head on his arm, appearing distracted.

Lu Chongshan left with a stormy expression as he knew whatever he did was not working.

Their conversation once again ended unhappily.

After a short while, Lu Jingli cautiously went into the meeting room.

"Father's doing the talk again? Well, it's still alright now! Wait until the family gathering. It's terrifying when everyone's trying to get you girls!" Lu Jingli shuddered when he was reminded of what had happened in the past.

"When's the report coming out?"

Lu Jingli's eyes brightened. "Today! This afternoon! I'll go to the hospital for the report later! I went to the main branch of the military hospital in Imperial. It's definitely accurate!"

Lu Tingxiao glared at him coldly, and Lu Jingli instantly understood what he wanted to say. "I swear I never told anyone about it, and will never breathe a word! Rest assured!"

Lu Jingli then coughed lightly and asked, "Bro... The results for the DNA test... You... Do you hope that it'll be positive or not?"

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