Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1440

At Platinum Palace.

Lu Jingli held his suitcase in front of his chest as he walked swiftly and stealthily like a thief into his brother's place.

The moment he reached the entrance, he bumped into another person and freaked out. "What the-?! Xiao... Xiao Xi Xi!"

"What's wrong with you? Am I really that scary to you!?" Ning Xi looked at Lu Jingli with a suspicious expression.

Lu Jingli gripped onto his suitcase tightly, his handsome little face going pale. At that moment, she was way scarier than a ghost!

"Xiao Xi Xi, you... Why are you here? Don't you have work today?" Lu Jingli forced his anxious heart to calm down as he tried to ask with a calmer tone.

Observing Lu Jingli's timid eyes, his sweating forehead, and the stuttering speech, Ning Xi narrowed her eyes. "Did you do something bad?"

"No! Who told you that I did something bad?! I'm so cute and nice! You're the one who did something bad. Your whole family did something bad!" Lu Jingli quickly denied.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. What a big reaction! That was definitely suspicious!

"What are you holding?" Ning Xi looked at the black suitcase Lu Jingli was protecting.

Lu Jingli's little heart skipped a beat. "A suitcase! Can't you see?"

Ning Xi did not let him off and she persisted, "What's inside? Why are you so nervous?"

"Of course, there are documents inside! Secret documents! That's why I'm nervous!"

"The thing is... Why are you so nervousto see me?"

Lu Jingli was on the verge of crying. "I'm busy. I have to go and give something to my brother!"

Ning Xi grinned and blocked the way right in front of Lu Jingli. She closed in slowly and spoke in the low tone of a gangster, "Hey, don't go! I think you're really suspicious... Is there something related to me inside this suitcase?"



Save me!

Lu Jingli yelled from deep down inside his soul. His brother had asked him to make sure no one knew about it. Most importantly he could not let Xiao Xi Xi know!

How unfortunate! The moment he came back, she was here and he could never prevail against her.

As Ning Xi's hand was about to reach out for Lu Jingli's suitcase, suddenly someone hugged her from behind gently yet firmly.

"What are you doing?"

It was Lu Tingxiao's voice.

Ning Xi was distracted by the person behind her. She turned around and hugged the devil, laughing cheekily. "I'm just teasing your brother! He was so freaked out just now, hahaha...."

Lu Jingli was exhausted.

How could she do this!?

He was almost scared to death!

"Every year during our family gathering, people will always send some... Hmm... Information about girls" Lu Jingli looked at Ning Xi as he explained helplessly with a nervous face.

"Oh... I was wondering what it was about! You think I'd get jealous over this?" Ning Xi pouted. She remembered that she once waited for Lu Tingxiao in his office and happened to see an album of his potential blind date candidates on his table. Lu Tingxiao's reaction was even bigger than Lu Jingli's then when he returned from the factory as soon as possible, all just to avoid her misunderstanding the situation.

Ning Xi would never doubt Lu Tingxiao about this.

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