Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1441

One simple sentence solved the immediate crisis.

Lu Jingli was impressed at his brother's acting and his seduction skills. Then, he followed up, "Alright. I know you probably won't look at them. I'll take them all on my own, I guess"

He then slipped away.

Anything to avoid Xiao Xi Xi now!

"Why are you here?" Lu Tingxiao held the girl's hand and asked as they walked into the house.

"I have a day off today. I was resting at home this morning and accompanying Sis Tianxin, so I'm here to accompany my son this afternoon! Is Little Treasure back yet?"

"He's back. He was just asking me earlier if he could visit you."

"Of course, you don't have to be wary of Sis Tianxin actually. I've already told her about us, so you can bring Little Treasure over anytime!"


Lu Tingxiao glanced behind him secretly. Lu Jingli had already vanished.

Just by hearing her footsteps, the little bun quickly sprinted down from the second floor. He jumped right into her arms. "Mommy!"

The little guy still acted pretty cool as usual. Although he could talk now, there was not much difference from before. When Ning Xi was not around, he still might not say anything throughout the day, but the moment Ning Xi appeared, he would surely greet her with a sweet sounding "Mommy", and every time he spoke to her he would definitely add the word "Mommy" in his sentence. What a sweet little guy!

Anyone who did not know them would never doubt their relationship as parent and child, and a lovely relationship at that.

"Little bun, look what Mommy brought you! Hehe" Ning Xi opened the bag she had brought over. There was all sort of guns inside.

Of course, all of them were toy guns.

"You're too young and shouldn't play with real guns yet. I'll play water guns with you, alright?"

"Yes, Mommy, Little Treasure likes water guns!"

"Go and invite your father to play with us! It'll be fun with more people!" Ning Xi told Little Treasure.

The little bun hesitated for a while, then he went towards Lu Tingxiao. He looked up and said, "Together."

Ning Xi felt amused looking at how the little bun switched into his cool mode in an instant.

The little bun already had called his grandfather, his grandmother, and even his Second Uncle. He would also address strangers politely, but why was he unwilling to call Lu Tingxiao "Father"?

Ning Xi played with Little Treasure the whole afternoon. After dinner, the both of them fell asleep, exhausted.

Lu Tingxiao looked at both of them with a gentle gaze.

Lu Tingxiao kissed the forehead of Little Treasure and Ning Xi, then heplaced his palm on Ning Xi's eyes, her nose, her lips... All the way until her stomach... He was touching her ever so gently

Before he met Ning Xi, he was not really expecting much out of his life, but ever since he met her, marriage, family, children... These things that he did not have high expectations of suddenly became so important all because of her.

As he thought about how she might be Little Treasure's biological mother, about how the girl he had fallen so madly in love with might have born a child for him before, his heart was filled with an indescribable warmth of bliss and happiness.

A child... His and her child

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