Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443: Little Treasures Hero

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Lu Jingli was expecting his brother to be cleared of suspicion after the DNA report was out, then he could go all out to find the real bastard.

However, the moment he saw the results, he felt like he was shocked to pieces and regrouped back again.

Lu Jingli could not believe it. He looked at Lu Tingxiao like he was some sort of god...

"Oh my God, bro, you're too awesome! I thought your progress with Xiao Xi Xi was way too slow! After so long, you guys haven't even done it yet, but not only did you guys do it, your kid is now five years old! I've never been so impressed by anyone else! I would never ever say you're bad at wooing girls again! You're my idol, my superstar, my advisor in life" Lu Jingli blabbered without any stopping in between his sentences.

As if that was not enough, he paced around the room and could not stop. "Oh my God! Oh my God! If Little Treasure knew about this, he would be mad happy! Xiao Xi Xi is really his mother, his real mother! It's actually real! Little Treasure is way too lucky!"

Lu Tingxiao pinched the space between his eyebrows as he extended his hand to his blabbering brother.

The excited Lu Jingli came back to his senses, and he handed over the report obediently.

Lu Tingxiao took the report and carefully looked through all the contents.

Although he knew about the results from Lu Jingli already, he still felt a strong impact when he saw the line "the hypothesis of Ning Xi being Lu Qingyu's biological mother is proven true".

The excitement level of a certain devil was no lower than the little goldfish.

It was her

If he were to investigate five years ago, then would he have met her earlier?

As he was pondering, many thoughts passed through his mind.

After all the mumbling, Lu Jingli carefully observed Lu Tingxiao's expression, then he asked carefully, "Bro, well... Although it was my stupid idea, and I drugged you and picked that address, and I made you become a bastard for once

"But... But these mistakes led you to Xiao Xi Xi! Not only was your chastity protected, your first time... Your child... Basically, everything belongs to Xiao Xi Xi! What a thing to be celebrated! Can it cover my demerits now?"

Lu Jingli then peeked at his brother again, adding shamelessly, "I actually think... My merit is higher in this"

Hehe, it had to be the case! If his brother would not admit it, he would ask Little Treasure to support him!

Little Treasure would definitely support him if he knew the truth!

He would become the hero in Little Treasure's eyes!

Lu Tingxiao looked at Lu Jingli coldly.

He could not deny that Lu Jingli's words really hit the spot.

When he found out that the woman he had slept with was Ning Xi, he had to admit that... Somewhere deep inside his heart was excitement and relief
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