Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1444

After what had happened five years ago, there was a thin wall between him and Lu Jingli. In addition to Lu Jingli's own guilt, he was always afraid of his brother and would never try to bring up the matter.

Up until now, for Ning Xi's sake, that matter was once again brought to the table.

And now

Lu Tingxiao looked at his stupid little brother. He sort of felt that he looked alright

"Bro" Lu Jingli was a little freaked out by his brother's intense stare. "Can you say something? You're being pretty scary"

Oh no! It was over! His brother might kill him for real!

Why did his gaze look so gentle? Was it his last time seeing him?

Lu Jingli quickly added on, "Bro, actually I think it's alright for Xiao Xi Xi to know about this. Although she might really hate the person and would love to kill him, if it's you... Everything will be different... Xiao Xi Xi likes you so much"

Lu Tingxiao's eyes darkened as he heard Lu Jingli. Of course, he had thought about it before.

That was what he used to comfort himself with all this time.

However, neither did Lu Jingli hear nor see for himself how Ning Xi cried in despair when she was talking about what had happened in the past.

Every word... Every sentence

They sliced his heart up like knives.

Damn it!

Lu Jingli had drugged him so much that he only had very blurry memories. All he knew was that a woman had entered and closed in on him, then he was not sure what happened after that

He had actually injured Ning Xi, made her have a high fever... and she was even bedridden for two months

He did not dare to think about what was going to happen.

Ning Xi always said he was her sunlight, but at this moment, he had become the source of her nightmare

How could he tell her this cruel truth?

What would her reaction be after she found out?

No matter how powerful Lu Tingxiao was in the world of business, he could not predict this at all. He also could not tell if he would be able to bear the consequences.

Lu Jingli instantly knew what he was thinking. His face blushed a little as he said, "Bro, is it... Were you were too dominant that night... And Xiao Xi Xi suffered? That's why you're not telling her?"

His brother glared at him like a typhoon brushing over him.

Mother, save me!

Lu Jingli was trembling and he almost cried. "Fine, fine! It's my fault! I shouldn't have drugged you... But you always looked like you were indifferent towards sex... And our parents forced me... I couldn't help it"

Lu Tingxiao looked through the report again and again, feeling both anxious and happy at the same time. After some point, he declared, "I'll tell her, but not now. I'll wait until everything is clear."

How did the person then become Ning Xi? How did the dead child become Little Treasure? Amidst all this confusion, someone definitely knew something

Of course, apart from this, the most important thing was that his relationship with Ning Xi had just entered the best phase. Even he himself was taken aback by such a sudden shock, but he would not dare to tell her until everything was crystal clear

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