Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1454

At a certain high-end wedding dress studio in Imperial.

Fingers shrouded in a white-laced mitten softly pulled open the curtains. Ning Xueluo's magnificent pure white wedding dress appeared before everyone's eyes.

Continuous exclaims of admiration were instantly heard outside the curtains.

"Oh my God! Incredibly beautiful!"

"Miss Ning, this wedding dress really suits you very well!"

"Indeed, Mr. Su's eye for class is outstanding! He picked out this style that fits Madam Su the best!" Quick-witted shop assistants immediately changed their address of Ning Xueluo to Madam Su.


At this moment, Su Yan stood there waiting in his superior, tailored to fit, hand-stitched tuxedo. The second he saw Ning Xueluo walk out in her wedding dress, a dazed expression flashed across his face.

Ning Xueluo was clearly extremely satisfied with the man's reaction. She stood there elegantly and said shyly, "Bro Yan, does it look nice?"

Su Yan had a gentle expression as he replied her, "It's nice."

Ning Xueluo immediately revealed a happy expression. She snuggled up into the man's embrace with a dependent and yearning look on her face. "Bro Yan, I can finally be your bride! Do you know how long I've waited for this day?"

Su Yan looked at the dreamy girl in the sacred wedding dress. The girl looked as if she was looking at her entire world. That sliver of distracting thoughts that he should not have was pushed back into the recesses of his mind as he caressed the girl's hair lightly. "Me too."

There were a few shop assistants, stylists, and the store manager on the side. When they saw the two of them being so loving, they all had envious admiring expressions. "Madam Su, there's still the matching set of accessories. Why don't you put it on and see the effects?"

"Okay, I'll have to trouble you then!"

"Of course not! It's our honor that Madam Su would come to our store to custom make your wedding dress!" The store manager spoke courteously.

This had come by after a long competition with quite a few of the shops in Imperial. Ning Xueluo's huge wedding would definitely be the largest and grandest occasion in the entire city, and its promotional effects would be far greater than any amount of commercials.

Next up, Ning Xueluo tried on all of the matching accessories.

These accessories had been custom-made in advance overseas by Su Yan. There were none other like them globally, especially the crown on her head, which originally belonged to the English royal family. Previously, it had been bought by a private collector at the auction, then Su Yan had bid for it at a high price. Compared to the Queen's crown from the charity banquet the last time, even though it had not been exaggeratively bid at $100 million, this one cost a staggering total of $60 million, double the price of the Queen's actual market price.

All of them were praising him on the side, and Ning Xueluo's face was full of contented happiness.

After everything was settled, Ning Xueluo clung onto Su Yan's arm and considerately said, "Bro Yan, I will check the outfit, accessories, and some other things one last time, then I'll go straight to the beauty parlor for a spa. You don't have to accompany me. If you're busy, then go ahead and settle your stuff!"

"Okay, thanks for your trouble, my wife!" Su Yan lowered his head and kissed Ning Xueluo's lips before he left.

Ning Xueluo watched the man's slender and firm figure depart, the man who was about to be completely hers. Her eyes were full of delight. Ha! Such a man should belong to her. That was right...

Ning Xueluo was discussing some additional details with the staff when her phone rang. It was Su Yan's mother.

Ning Xueluo frowned. She went to the balcony before picking up. "Hello, Aunty..."

"Xueluo, are you looking at wedding dresses with Su Yan today?"

"Yes, we just finished and Su Yan has already left for the company."

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