Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1458

If Zhuang Lingyu was really her aunt, then Ning Xueluo would be her cousin.

However, Zhuang Keer did not feel very comfortable about being addressed as "Cousin" by Ning Xueluo.

Something still did not feel right. Just because Grandfather did not like the person she married, they had just ignored each other for over twenty years?

"Is it possible for me to keep this picture?" Zhuang Keer asked.

Ning Xueluo nodded with a positive heart as Zhuang Keer finally showed interest in this matter. "Of course, I made a few copies for safekeeping."

"Thank you."

"Actually, my mother has been trying to make up with Grandfather, but she didn't do it because of her personality. Another reason is that there hasn't really been a right time to do so"

Afterwards, Ning Xuoluo told Zhuang Keer about how much Zhuang Lingyu had missed her family so much in the past years. She also mentioned a little about her marriage, and they left the beauty parlor together after they were done.

They both waited outside the entrance for their transport.

Ning Xueluo received a call out of the blue. "What? The car battery died? But I have to attend an event next. It's going to start in half an hour"

Sending another car here would take too long a time and it would be inappropriate for her to take a taxi due to her identity as a public figure, so Ning Xueluo was anxious.

Zhuang Keer's car arrived. Before she got in, she asked, "Where are you going?"

"The exhibition center!"

"It's on the way. I'll send you there."

"Thank you, Cousin!" Ning Xueluo boarded the car gratefully. In the car, she took the chance and indirectly invited Zhuang Keer to attend her wedding.

At the Zhuang Residence.

After Zhuang Keer went back, she looked at the picture multiple times.

Should she ask them?

Then again, the elders in the house never mentioned Zhuang Lingyu before, so it should be a taboo topic of the family. Would it be a bad idea for her to ask?

It would definitely be a big no to ask Grandfather. As for her mother, she might not know very well

Then, Xiao Xi?

That would not work as well... Xiao Xi was just the foster daughter of the family and probably would not know about something so hidden. Plus, she had never mentioned it before

As she was struggling with what to do, familiar footsteps came by.

"Father, you're back!" Zhuang Keer stood up.

"Mmm, where's your grandfather?" Zhuang Liaoyuan was wearing his military uniform, his expression stern.

"He went fishing and isn't back yet." Zhuang Keer hesitated, then asked, "Father, how many daughters does Grandfather have?"

Zhuang Liaoyuan's cold face frowned when he heard this question. "Why are you suddenly asking about this?"

"I heard someone said today that Grandfather has three daughters. There's another one called Zhuang Lingyu?" Zhuang Keer tried to ask carefully.

As expected, Zhuang Liaoyuan's expression changed the moment he heard that name. "How did you find out? Who told you?"

"So, it's real after all!" Zhuang Keer was surprised. She handed the picture she over. "I met the girl from the Ning family, Ning Xueluo, when I was at the beauty parlor today. I picked up this picture that she dropped. We talked for a little... She said that her mother has been missing Grandfather a lot"

"Did she really say that?" Zhuang Liaoyuan looked oddly at her.

"Yeah, she also said this picture has always been by her mother's bedside. It was damaged because of her frequently touching it, so she went to get it restored" Zhuang Keer nodded.

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