Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1459

Zhuang Liaoyuan did not have any sign of being touched or any sadness on his face when Zhuang Keer told him about it. Instead, he seemed well and thoroughly pissed off. His expression turned even colder. "This shouldn't be any of your concern. Just act it as if you've heard nothing about it. Don't mention it in front of your grandfather."

Because Zhuang Liaoyuan looked so afflicted, Zhuang Keer skipped the part where Ning Xueluo had extended her wedding invitation.

While her father did not say much about this matter, surely there was more to it. She could not just believe everything Ning Xueluo said, but she would not simply interfere either.

For Xiao Xi's sake, she would not want to get too close to this cousin who had just suddenly appeared.

At Platinum Palace, Lu Tingxiao was cooking dinner that night. Little Treasure was helping him. Ning Xi had been chased out of the kitchen as they ordered her to just wait.

Ning Xi looked through the entertainment news feed. Nearly everything was about Ning Xueluo and Su Yan's wedding, so she turned off the feed and peeked at the little bun and the big bun.

The moment Ning Xi put down her phone, it suddenly rang.

The incoming call was from Tang Nuo.

Could something have happened at home again?

Ning Xi quickly picked up the call. "Hello, Xiao Nuo? Did something happen back home again? Those people went back looking for trouble?"

"No, no! Sis, they didn't come back. Oh, wait, they did come once, but they came to give us flowers and fresh fruits, and they were really nice to us as well"

They were probably afraid of Ning Xi. It seemed like her decision to be harsher on them was correct.

"Oh, that sounds great then!" Ning Xi was relieved and she smiled broadly. "Young man, your exams are in a few days' time. Do you want me to accompany you?"

"No, please.No, don't come at all, let me just be by myself!" Tang Nuo quickly said.

Ning Xi laughed lightly. "Okay! All the best, I'm waiting for you to come to Imperial!"

"Sis, just wait, I'll surely come!"

"How ambitious!" Ning Xi teased him, but Tang Nuo always had good grades, so it would not be a problem for him to get into a school in Imperial.

"Right, sis... I called you for something else..." Tang Nuo seemed embarrassed to tell her, and he hesitated for a while. "Sis, you left too soon after helping us big time. We didn't have time to thank you at all. Father and Mother said that... We should treat you to a meal. When are you free, can you come back home? Sis, it's been a long time since our family gathered together"

Tang Nuo sounded really pitiful with that last sentence.

The sister he had grown up with since he was a young child had left him so suddenly until she ended up becoming someone totally unrelated, Tang Nuo did not feel comfortable about it as well, but too many people were involved. His parents were against him getting too close to Ning Xi. No matter how much he missed her, he could only endure it until this incident was settled and Ning Xi wentback home. However, the strangled situation was starting to unravel

Ning Xi hesitated as well, but she was not cruel enough to reject the young man. "Alright, I'll go when I'm free"

"Really? Sis, you promised! You can't go back on your promise!"

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