Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1461

Recently the progress of "Nine Realms" had been going very well. Apart from the filming, Ling Zhizhi also arranged for Ning Xi to attend some suitable events.

The filming period of a series would take at least several months. Being away from the public eye for such a long period of time would easily have her be forgotten, so she would still need to ensure that some attention was still on her.

Ning Xi's popularity had been increasing. As more and more people liked her, there were a lot of critics as well, accusing her and making up gossip, but thanks to Ling Zhizhi and the support of the company, they were not really any real threats. Instead, it fueled her high-rising popularity.

As she had been working hard on her career, the one thing that Ning Xi had been doing consistently was charity work.

What she could do before this was limited, but in her current position, she could do much more.

Ling Zhizhi agreed and supported her, actively approaching non-profit organizations and setting up a charity fund under Ning Xi's name.

"The ceremony for the launch of the fund set up has been arranged. It's on the 8th of this month, and you don't have any scenes on that day," Ling Zhizhi said.

"The 8th?" Ning Xi's eyebrows raised a little.

"Do you have something up on the 8th? Here's the list of guests. Take a look."

"Okay!" Ning Xi nodded and browsed through it. They were all celebrities in the entertainment industry and there were also some important partners. "Looks alright."

Ning Xi's phone rang the moment she came out of Ling Zhizhi's office.

Ning Xi slid her finger across the screen and answered the call before she could see who was calling, Ning Yaohua's voice came through the phone. "Hello, Xiao Xi. Don't forget about Xueluo's wedding tomorrow!"

"I have something on the 8th."

"You have something on? What else could be more important than Xueluo's wedding?" The person speaking was now Zhuang Lingyu.

"Are you sure you want me to go?"

Ning Xi's tone put Zhuang Lingyu on alert. Of course, she did not want her to go!

Who knew what could happen again if she turned up?

"Do you think I want to do this? It's a big day for Xueluo. Not only you, even Tianxin isn't coming. Are you guys trying to tell the whole world that our family is at a discord?" Zhuang Lingyu said in an annoyed tone.

"Whatever. Let her be. It's not a big deal" Ning Yaohua mumbled, then hetried to say carefully, "Xiao Xi, what are you up to on the 8th? Actually, let the past be the past. You can't force a relationship after all... I think CEO Yun is pretty good"

His tone sounded like he thought she was trying to stir trouble out of jealousy. Furthermore, Ning Yaohua had not forgotten about Yun Shen as well.

He had treated her much better recently because of the value he saw in her now. However, it only made her feel disgusted.

"CEO Ning, you can look at my schedule on the official website or call my assistant." Ning Xi then hung up.

The 8th came very soon.

The entrance to the Imperial Exhibition Centre was congested. Nearly half of the entertainment industry, as well as the rich and famous among the guests from various industries, were gathered there. It was comparable to an awards ceremony.

Most celebrities would hold their wedding in a hotel or on a small island, but there were simply too many guests at the wedding of Ning Xueluo and Su Yan, so they had to have it in the Imperial Exhibition Centre.

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