Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1462

Ning Xueluo and Su Yan were greeting guests at the entrance, looking every bit like they had come straight out of a beautiful painting. Their bridesmaids and best men were all young, glowing celebrities as well, making the whole posse a very attractive sight.

"Congratulations, CEO Su!"

"Thank you, CEO Li. Welcome in!"

"Congratulations, Xueluo, best wishes! You look very beautiful today!"

"Sis Lin, you're the beautiful one today, alright? I might not even measure up to you even as the bride!"

Inside the wedding hall,Ning Yaohua was happily greeting the guests and chatting with some older CEOs in the top industry.

At that moment, he was relieved that he had made the decision to give his portion of the 15% of shares to Ning Xueluo.

Xueluo was his lucky star!

Back in the day, the Zhuang family had looked down on him and was strongly against their daughter marrying him. He wondered what theywould think if they were to see this scene today.

Based on these thoughts, he did not raise any objection when Xueluo sent the Zhuangs her wedding invitation.

If the Zhuang family were to change their attitude, he would not mind letting go of his grudge

After a long time, most of the guests had arrived.

"Xueluo, Su Yan, leave it to us here. You guys should go in now. There's a rehearsal later!" Zhuang Lingyu smiled kindly at her.

Ning Xueluo frowned ever so slightly. "It's alright, Mother. Some guests aren't here yet, we'll stay for a little while longer!"

"Okay, don't wait for too long." Zhuang Lingyu then went back inside.

Ning Xueluo waited for a while longer. Only a few late guests arrived, but no one from the Zhuang family turned up.

Damn it

She had gone out of her way and invited them, but it was not working.

Was the Zhuang family really this heartless?

She had given them the perfect opportunityve. She had even told Zhuang Keer so much. If they had even the slightest intention to make up, they would have appeared today.

"Xueluo, is anyone from your maternal grandfather's side coming?" Su Yan's mother went over and asked with a concerned expression.

"Not yet, they'll probably be late. Let's go in first!" Ning Xueluo smiled, but there was a slight darkness in her eyes.

Su Yan's mother was really concerned about the Zhuang family. If she screwed up performing the first task in her marriage, how could she take a firm stand in the Su family?

She had to make someone from the Zhuang family come no matter what, even if it was to just show them face.

It seemed like she had to use her last resort

At the same time, in the military area,Zhuang Keer put on a dark-colored formal outfit. She took her bag and was about to leave home.

"Keer, are you meetingyour friends? Is it a boy or a girl?" Meng Linlang asked from the living room sofa, her eyes brimming with expectation.

Zhuang Keer answered exasperatedly, "Mother, I'm going to support Xiao Xi today!"

"Xiao Xi? What does that child have going on today?" Meng Linlang probed.

"Xiao Xi's charity fund is being set up today. As her good friend, of course, I have to go!" Zhuang Keer replied.

Meng Linlang nodded. "That child is really nice. She's not blinded by fame. She never forgot about her roots as expected"

"Mother, as expected of what?"

As they were talking, the nanny came in with a black box in her hands.

"Miss, did you put this bracelet in the car?"

"Bracelet? What bracelet?" Zhuang Keer was confused.

The nanny replied, "Old Zhang found it when he was washing the car. It looks pretty expensive, Miss. Be careful with your belongings. It's not safe putting them in the car"

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