Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1465

"It's today. What about it?"

"Where is it?" Meng Linlang asked.

"It's on the top floor of the International Exhibition Center. I remember Ning Xueluo's wedding is at the same venue as well. She reserved the largest floor of the whole building!" Zhuang Keer replied.

The exhibition center always had a lot of events and meetings going on. The middle floor was the largest of the halls, and most of the time, only important national meetings or really large-scale events were held there. Most of the other events would be hosted in the smaller hall on the top floor.

Zhuang Keer was a big fan of Ning Xi's. She had seen on her official website a long time ago that Ning Xi's charity fund was going to be set up today. The venue and time had been announced back then as well, long before Ning Xueluo decided on her wedding date.

What a coincidence for them to be at the same venue on the same day!

At that moment, Zhuang Keer's phone rang. It was Ning Xueluo! On the day they had met at the spa center, Ning Xueluo had exchanged numbers with her.

Zhuang Keer looked at her mother questioningly.

Meng Linlang smiled sarcastically, then shesaid, "Pick it up. Let's see what she's going to say."

"Mmm." Zhuang Keer nodded and picked up the phone, then she turned on the loudspeaker.

"Cousin! Can I trouble you for something? I lost a bracelet that I have to use for my wedding today. I can't find it at all. I think I might have left it in your car the other day. Can you help me look for it? I'm really sorry!" Ning Xueluo sounded genuinely worried.

What she said was exactly the same as Meng Linlang had predicted.

Zhuang Keer was really incensed, especially when she called her "Cousin" because despite the endearment, she was actually planning to trick her.

Meng Linlang hinted to her daughter to agree to what Ning Xueluo said.

Zhuang Keer replied, "Wait for a while. I'll look for it."

"Okay, thank you so much!"

Zhuang Keer hung up. "Mother, what do you want to do?"

"Tell her that you'll send it over later. I'll make the arrangements," Meng Linlang said.


After waiting for a few minutes, Zhuang Keer called Ning Xueluo back. "I found it! It's in my car."

"That's great! This bracelet is really meaningful to me. It's my lucky item... If I had really lost it on my wedding day, I really don't know what to do"

Ning Xueluo sounded relieved, then shechanged her tone and asked hesitantly, "Cousin, I'm really sorry to ask this, but are you free now? I might have to trouble you again! My wedding is starting soon. I probably can't make it if I send someone over now... Could you... Could you please bring it to me? I'm really sorry!"

A wedding was such an important day for a girl. Furthermore, with the fact that the bracelet was so important to her and was obviously worth at least a few million dollars combined with her urgent tone, Zhuang Keer would have sent it over personally if she had not known anything.

Zhuang Keer went along. "I'll send it over to you."

"Thank you, Cousin! I'm beyond grateful!" Ning Xueluo thanked her several times.

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