Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1466

After she hung up, Zhuang Keer had a lingering fear in her heart.

If she really went over to pass the bracelet to Ning Xueluo, everyone would talk...

Even if gossip such as the Zhuang family joining Ning Xueluo's wedding and even presenting a precious gift got to her, Ning Xueluo could just claim that the guests had misunderstood and dismiss all responsibilities...

On the other hand, Zhuang Keer would not have gone to the extent of explaining and clarifying the actual situation to every single one of the guests there...

Meng Linlang looked at her daughter's expression and sighed.

Her daughter was good at everything, but her thought process was just too naive.

However, when her straightforward husband had heard his daughter talk about Ning Xueluo looking for her, he did not bother warning her either.

Fine! It was best for her to do such things by herself! Since she had long planned to do it, she only had to bring it forward now.

Taking advantage of the opportunity today, she would like them to see for themselves how cheering someone on truly looked like and what truly supporting someone was!

Meng Linlang picked up her phone and made a call. "Hello, Section Chief Zhao, what have you been busy with recently? Hehe, what else can I be up to? I've been transferred back to Imperial, so I'm a little not used to suddenly being quite free. I've mainly been doing some charity recently..."

Next up, Meng Linlang continued making quite a few calls.

Zhuang Keer realized something and she picked up the phone to start inviting the people within her circle of friends too.

Even though she did not usually have many friends, there were countless people who wanted to suck up to her. With just a single word, people would definitely be willing to come and support her.

Moments later, Zhuang Keer wore a little black dress with a handbag in her hand and a delicate gift bag. Meng Linlang wore a solemn, dark outfit too. The mother and daughter got into their car and made their way towards the exhibition center.

At the same time, inside the wedding hall in the middle of the exhibition center, Su Yan's mother had already been urging Ning Xueluo quite a few times. There were subtle signs of impatience between her brows too.

Ning Xueluo had just finished talking to Zhuang Keer on the phone, and there was a smug happiness across her face. She walked quickly to Su Yan's mother and said confidently, "Mother, don't worry. I've just called my cousin. She's already on her way!"

"Really? That's great then! Quickly have people greet them at the entrance!" Su Yan's mother was overjoyed.

"I've already sent them over!"

"That's good then. Will your cousin be coming alone?" Su Yan's mother questioned.

"Well, probably..."

"Oh, well... That's good! It's great enough that your cousin can make it!" Su Yan's mother looked pleased as she kept glancing towards the entrance in anticipation.

After Ning Xueluo spoke to Su Yan's mother, she walked to Zhuang Lingyu.

She was worried that Zhuang Lingyu would ruin things, so she worriedly clung onto Zhuang Lingyu and spoke softly, "Mother, later there will be someone from the Zhuang family coming over... I hope you won't bicker with them. Otherwise, you'd worsen your health, and that won't be worth it..."

Zhuang Lingyu actually already knew that they had secretly invited the Zhuangs. She had been turning a blind eye to it, but when she heard this at that moment, she said, "I understand. It's your big day today and I'm in a good mood, so I won't bicker with them much."

Of course, she had her own considerations as well. Even though she definitely would not forgive her brother and father for the things that they had done years ago, she could not deny that if the Zhuang family could join Xueluo's wedding, it would benefit Xueluo greatly. She would just force herself to attend to them later.

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