Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1471

Guests were bidding farewell to Ning Yaohua and Su Hongguang.

"Chairman Ning, I have to apologize. There's some emergency at my company, and I have to leave now. Congratulations again! Sorry!"

"It's alright. Your attendance itself is my pleasure. Thank you, CEO Wang!"

After Ning Yaohua bade farewell to one guest, another one came to him. "Chairman Wang, my company has been busy lately and I forgot that I have a meeting scheduled today. I've got to go now. I apologize in advance!"

Ning Yaohua quickly replied, "Not at all, let me send you off!"

"It's okay. Stay here! I'll leave on my own"

At first, Ning Yaohua did not realize something was wrong. Only until the fifth person came to him, he knew that things were odd.

At the same time, Su Hongguang was faced with the same situation as well.

Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was about to start, so they did not have much time to think about it. The host called them up on stage to start getting ready.

At the same time, in the multipurpose hall upstairs, aposter of the charity fund had been placed by the entrance. There were two usherers, and the setup was simple. Nevertheless, the poster design was clean and neat, and the usherers were really kind and polite as they were guiding the incoming guests towards the registration counter. It was clearly well thought out.

The decoration inside the hall was simple and tidy. Most of the people present were artistes from Glory World Entertainment and the company partners. There were not a lot of people but there was a comfortable vibe around.

Ning Xi was working together with the assistants and managers while having a call at the same time too.

It was from Zhuang Keer, who had just told her that she was about to reach with her mother.

Ning Xi was surprised, then she beamed gratefully. "Thank you, Keer!"

"You're welcome. I'm here already!"

At the entrance, Zhuang Keer registered her name, then she put a gift bag onto the table. "I'm donating this bracelet."

The item Zhuang Keer had taken out was the bracelet Ning Xueluo had left in her car. She would feel disgusted if she kept it, so she might as well donate it.

After she was done registering, Zhuang Keer went in with her mother.

Ning Xi quickly greeted them, "Keer, Mrs. Zhuang! Thank you for coming!"

Not just Keer, even Mrs. Zhuang was present. It was really an honor, and Ning Xi was a little shocked.

Meng Linlang noticed Ning Xi's gratefulness, and she spoke to her gently, "Look at you. I've told you a lot of times that you don't have to be so uptight. We should be the ones thanking you. You've helped us a lot and we've just treated you to a few meals. We don't really have anything else left to help you with. Plus, we could definitely help out at a charity event like this. You don't have to thank us!"

Meng Linlang had made the decision today after thorough consideration. Charity was a noble cause. It was the best way to help both the Zhuang family and Ning Xi, and no one would say anything bad about it.

Ning Xi was aware about it as well, and she was touched by Meng Linlang's heedful thought. She smiled warmly and served them some tea.

However, Ning Xi did not expect that not only did Meng Linlang come. She had done much more than she could ever imagine

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