Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1472

Soon after Meng Linlang came in, the empty entrance was soon filled with people, and they seemed to behave oddly

For example, an old man who was registering wore a full suit and seemed like he had just come over from an important function. He then asked, "Do you only accept cash? Can I donate items instead?"

"Of course, you can!" The staff nodded.

That elder instantly removed a pricey-looking watch from his wrist. "Then, I'll donate this!"


To the surprise of the people manning the registration table, several other guests did the same as this elder. They all said that they had rushed over and did not prepare items in time. Then, they immediately took off some of their accessories and donated it, causing the two staff too look at each other in dismay.

As Ling Zhizhi saw more and more strange, unfamiliar faces, she went up to Ning Xi. "Ning Xi, did you invite them?"

Ning Xi looked around and saw people who were obviously not on the list. "Uhh, Sis Zhizhi, didn't you invite them?"

They were confused as they both thought that the other person had invited these people.

The banquet tonight was for charity purposes, so Ling Zhizhi had started promoting it and invited people very early, but it was pretty obvious that many of these people would not fall under her radar.

In addition, most people attended Ning Xueluo's wedding, which was coincidentally on the same day as her eventinstead.

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something, and she mumbled, "I think I know what happened... Let me ask"

After Ning Xi told Ling Zhizhi to wait, she approached Zhuang Keer and Meng Linlang. "Mrs. Zhuang, it seems like a lot of top CEOs and celebrities are here today, and they aren't on our guest list. By chance, did you invite them?"

Meng Linlang looked at those people and smiled rather mysteriously. "These people? Nope."

She denied being responsible for this strange turn of events.

They were not invited by Meng Linlang. Then, who?

Ning Xi was really confused.

The elder CEOs who entered in a hurry were chatting.

"What's happening? Is the information given mistaken? I asked just now. It's just a charity fund organized by some little artiste!"

"Let's wait for a while. Didn't you see that Mrs. Zhuang and Ms. Zhuang are here?"

"What about Chief Zhao and Minister Liu? Didn't the news say they would come? None of them are here! I risked offending both the Su and the Ning families to come here. I might get into trouble!"

"Ms. Zhuang looks pretty young. Maybe she's a fan of this artiste called Ning Xi. My daughter is a fan of hers as well, always talking to me about her"

"That might just be it"

"Uhh, so... The news about the chief and the minister are not true? Should we go back down?"

As they were confused and complaining that they had donated their items for nothing, a group of people strolled in from the entrance.

They were chatting happily on the way here, and leading them were Chief Zhao and Minister Liu

The people behind them were even more powerful. There were several government officials who rarely showed their faces in public and even their wives were here.

And then they saw

"That... Is that Zhuang Liaoyuan, General Zhuang?!"

At the same time. Meng Linlang looked at Ning Xi, then she grinned. "There... These are the ones I invited."


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