Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1473

Ning Xi was really shocked to the core.

So, these were the ones Meng Linlang invited

As for the others, from the chatter, they seemed to have come after they heard these people were coming.

Zhuang Liaoyuan walked towards Ning Xi's direction after a word with his colleague.

"Chief Zhuang," Ning Xi greeted Zhuang Liaoyuan personally, not knowing what to say. It was a really great honor to her.

"I combined your event with a project from the Charity Fund Association without asking. I hope you don't mind," Zhuang Liaoyuan said.

Ning Xi quickly replied, "Not at all, but it must have really troubled you!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan did not seem to mind. "As long as it's not troubling you."

"Of course not! But the space here is a little small, and the decoration is a little too simple as well. It might not meet your expectations"

"Don't worry about it. The space is definitely enough. We're doing charity here and not some commercial show, so the simpler, the better."

Ning Xi was relieved, then she thanked him again. "I'll leave you here for now. I've got to work hard!"

Meng Linlang said gently, "Go now, you don't have to worry about us!"

Ning Xi went to explain the situation to Ling Zhizhi.

"Ning Xi, you know General Zhuang?" Ling Zhizhi was surprised.

"I helped the Zhuang family a little out of coincidence, so I'm on friendly terms with Zhuang Keer in private. They are probably here to support me because of the help I've extended before," Ning Xi explained.

Ling Zhizhi was then relieved. Although it was a surprise to have so many people turn up, she did not have to worry anymore. The people from the Charity Fund Association had come to help too, and armed with their experience, they were already taking over the event.

In the wedding hall downstairs, the long-awaited wedding ceremony was finally starting. After a passionate speech by the host, the sacred wedding tune was played. At the end of the red carpet, the bride in her breathtaking white gown was accompanied by her father. They were walking slowly on the red carpet towards the groom.

They had finally reached this exciting moment. The cameras of all the invited media partners were focused on the bride Ning Xueluo, the guests, and especially on the girls who were so envious while looking at her. The awkwardness brought upon by the Zhuang family earlier was almost forgotten entirely

Due to the large venue, and the red carpet being rather long, while Ning Xueluo was walking towards the stage, a large crowd of guests left the venue quietly.

"What's happening? Why do I see so many people leaving halfway?" An artiste in a yellow dress from Glory World Entertainment looked around suspiciously.

The artiste in red dress seemed doubtful as well. As they spoke, a CEO beside her got up to leave hastily too.

The artiste in red shirt stopped him. "CEO Li, where are you going?"

"Haha, I have an important event to attend. We'll talk again next time, Ms. Feng." CEO Li then quickly fled.

The more the artiste in red dress thought about it, the more she felt it was very strange. Finally, she could not suppress her curiosity and went outside with the artiste in yellow dress following her as well. They then saw that the guests who had left earlier were all going upstairs

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