Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1474

"That's weird... Is there an important event upstairs?"

"Isn't it Ning Xi's charity event going on upstairs? It's just a small hall, and it wouldn't fit any other event."

As the two artistes were discussing, a group of people came up from the staircase.

The one leading the posse was their boss Lu Jingli, and the one beside him was their big boss Lu Tingxiao. The ones behind were all the elusive higher-ups of Glory World Entertainment.

That was not just all. Soon, another group of people came up from the stairs. There was a white-haired man with sunglasses with several cold-looking bodyguards behind him, and a man in gold-framed glasses beside him.

This... This iconic white hair! Could... Could it be the rumored CEO Yun?

As the two artistes were shocked by what they saw, the two groups of people faced each other.

"Yo, CEO Lu, what a coincidence that you're here! Are you here to make things even better?" The man with white hair took off his sunglasses and smiled at the expressionless man.

Lu Tingxiao did not react. He just paused in his steps for a bit, then continued going up.

Lu Jingli looked at the man behind, then he quickly caught up with his brother.

Why was this guy here as well?

What a rough day!

They had already planned to support Xiao Xi Xi, and to go against the couple celebrating their wedding on the floor below them. In the end, the Zhuang family intervened, so not only did they have not much to do, even the love rival was here as well

Downstairs, atthis moment, people started to realize that something was amiss. They started asking around about what had happened. In the end, everyone found out that the people who had left went upstairs.

Even the guests could sense something was wrong, so of course, the media would catch up as well.

A few quick-witted reporters sensed that there might be big news this time. They decided to take the risk and give up on Ning Xueluo's wedding, secretly going upstairs instead

They were shocked at what they saw.

They thought that what they had just witnessed downstairs was already a rare scene, but what was happening upstairs would be what one called a legendary scene.

It was a gathering of high officials and the obscenely rich

If at this moment, a bomb were to go off inside there, the whole of China would crumble.

All the reporters who went upstairs did not return at all.

Ning Xueluo was clinging onto Ning Yaohua's arm, her eyes glassy and shin as she walked closer and closer towards her happiness. Her everything

Finally, as she reached in front of Su Yan, she turned around and to her horror, she realized that the once fully-seated hall was now only half-filled, and she could see people leaving quickly.

"What's happening?"

However, she could not do anything about it now, so Ning Xueluo could only keep her insecurities in check and wait until the ceremony was over.

The exchange of the rings, the recital of the sacred oath...

It was supposed to be the part she looked forward to the most, but the people in the hall kept on trickling out, and in the end only about a third was left.

The moment the ceremony ended, Ning Xueluo asked around about what had happened.

"Father, Mother... What happened? Why are so many guests suddenly leaving?"

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