Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1475

Ning Yaohua was sweating buckets as he reported, "I just sent someone to investigate. It seems that the guests are going upstairs!"

"What are they doing upstairs?" Ning Xueluo's expression darkened.

The wedding had been going well at first, then the issue from the Zhuang family turned up, and people started disappearing at such an important moment. The rest of the guests were not really paying attention to her exchange of vows and were discussing what was happening. She felt like an idiot on stage. In retrospect, she wondered how she had endured that period of time, and had even recited the oath wrongly

The worst thing was no one noticed that she had misspoken...


Was it not Ning Xi's nonsensical charity event?

She had picked the same day and venue for her wedding. A huge part of the reason was to go against Ning Xi, which is what reminded her of it.

But what were these people doing upstairs?

Could Ning Xi have changed the date to avoid her, and some other important event was going on right now?

"We're not sure yet. It's really full upstairs at the moment, so there's no space to get in. No one knows what's happening," Su Hongguang said with a heavy expression.

Zhuang Lingyu looked pale as she looked at Su Hongguang and Su Yan's mother. "Why would something like this happen on such an important day? And up until now, the cause of the issue is still unidentified. Are you expecting us to take care of it?"

Su Yan's mother was unhappy. "Didn't we say we're working on it!? We're still not sure who's causing the issue here! Not all the guests who left are from the Su family's list!"

"What are you implying?"

Su Yan looked really exhausted and he quickly intervened, "Mother, please stop arguing. I'll go up and check it out myself."

"Bro Yan"

"Be good and wait here. I'll be back soon." Su Yan patted Ning Xueluo's head, then he headed outside the hall.

When Su Yan went upstairs, the crowd outside had dispersed.

He just saw a board that was put up outside of the hall with Ning Xi in it. It was a poster of her wearing a white dress for the event promotion.

"Good evening, sir, please register here!" One of the staff invited him warmly after seeing Su Yan.

At that moment, another staff recognized Su Yan and quickly said something to the other colleague.

The staff saw the tag that said "groom" on Su Yan's chest and awkwardly stopped the other colleague. He wondered what Su Yanwas doing here when he was a groom today.

"I'm sorry, I'd like to know if there's some event going on here today?" Although he had seen the board, Su Yan asked for confirmation anyway.

"It's the initiation of a charity fund and a donation ceremony by Bro Xi!" The staff replied cheerfully.

Su Yan frowned. It was really Ning Xi

While he knew that it was rude, Su Yan could not help but to look into the hall. To his astonishment, he saw most of the guests who had left his wedding banquet were all here; not only that, the people seated in the front were all important officials of the city. He even saw people from the Zhuang family!

"Eh... Another one?" Just as all the blood had rushed out of Su Yan's face from the shock, there was a voice behind him.

He turned around and saw a white-haired man looking at him with a questionable smile.

Another person also showed up at the same time... Lu Tingxiao?

Coincidentally, Ning Xi knew that her big boss was coming over, so she was about to welcome her sweetheart personally, but then, she saw such an odd scene.

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