Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1476

What the heck?!

What was going on?

Why was Yun Shen here too?

Apart from that, why was Su Yan here as well?

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao, then at Yun Shen, then at Su Yan... She was well and utterly confused

How did the three of them end up together?

Yun Shen chuckled when he saw Ning Xi come out. He said as he looked at Su Yan, "Dear, this is your first love? How blind were you?"

Ning Xi was annoyed. "You're blind! Your whole family is blind!"

Yun Shen observed Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli when she said that, then he laughed maniacally, "My whole family is blind? You're probably right"

"Lunatic" Ning Xi was speechless. She then glared at Tang Ye, "Can you please hold your boss back?"

Tang Ye's expression told her that it had nothing to do with him at all.

Ning Xi then peered at Su Yan, her eyebrows raised a little. "Mr. Su, aren't you at the wrong place?"

Su Yan had mixed expressions across his face. He was about to say something, but the words just could not come out, so he turned around and left.

He thought that Ning Xi did not attend his wedding because she could not accept it and did not want to face them, but the truth was much more different than that.

It was as if his wedding today did not affect her in any way at all. Even his appearance did not stir any emotions inside her.

What really shocked him was the attitude of the two men and the way they looked at Ning Xi.

Being a man himself, he knew exactly what those eyes meant!

And the important guests in the hall

The person-in-charge had issued a special order to open up the other connecting hall to contain all the guests.

He realized that the girl he used to know so intimately had turned into someone he hardly recognised.

Ning Xi turned towards Lu Tingxiao with glistening eyes after Su Yan left, and her attitude had totally changed. "Boss, please come in!"

Lu Tingxiao seemed to be satisfied with the girl's joyful expression when she saw him. "Mmm, don't overexhaust yourself."

"Mmm, I got it, Boss!" Ning Xi nodded.

"Hey, there's another Boss here too! Xiao Xi Xi, you have really bad eyesight!" The neglected Lu Jingli started complaining.

"Yes yes, Boss. Please come in as well. Thank you for your hard work!"

"That sounds better!" Lu Jingli then went in.

The uninvited Yun Shen did not seem to mind at all, and he entered on his own accord.

The moment Lu Tingxiao went inside, there were gasps of shock everywhere, and as Yun Shen followed in afterwards, the voices grew louder

"Oh my gosh! I was just saying earlier that if Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen were to be here, all the big shots in the world of business would be gathered at this one spot! And... come they did!"

"This is really shocking! Who exactly is that artiste? Isn't this too much?"

"I heard she's the top artiste of Glory World Entertainment now"

After the two female artistes from Glory World Entertainment who joined Ning Xueluo's wedding found out about the event upstairs, they regretted not being there even though they were invited. They had missed such a huge opportunity, and when they reached there, the event was already going on halfway!

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