Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1477

"Bro Yan, you're back! Have you found out? What's happening upstairs?" Ning Xueluo asked impatiently.

"It's an important event. The guests who left probably went to show their faces there" Su Yan only mentioned the important event, but he did not bring Ning Xi up at all.

Still, just because Su Yan hid it from her, it did not mean that the others would not talk about it.

Su Xun came over unexpectedly and sneered, "An important event? It's just a private charity fund initiation by a female celebrity! Oh right... I almost forgot... That celebrity is Ning Xi!"

Ning Xueluo's face went pale. "Su Xun, what did you say?"

"Su Xun, shut up if you know nothing.Su Yan already said that it's an important event!" Zhuang Lingyu's expression changed when she heard Ning Xi's name.

Su Xun acted even more high and mighty as he continued, "You think I'm talking nonsense? If you don't believe me, you can ask Su Yan if I'm telling the truth! Mrs. Zhuang and Ms. Zhuang, who claimed not to know anyone from the Ning family just now, were the guests of Ning Xi! Also, even Chief Zhuang is here!

"Not only did the three of them attend a little charity event. They even invited many high officials there"

"Su Yan, is he telling the truth?" Before Zhuang Lingyu could say anything, Su Yan's mother, Zheng Minjun, was holding onto Su Yan's arm in disbelief.Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Xueluo were shocked as well.

Ning Xueluo could not believe anything Su Xun just said. It was like... a fairytale story

Somehow Ning Xi was on good terms with Zhuang Keer, but at most, she was just friendly with her. How could she make Mrs. Zhuang and Chief Zhuang do so much for her?


Su Yan's expression darkened and he did not say anything at all, but his silence was enough to be deemed guilt.

It was still far from being over. Su Xun's wife smiled. "Those are nothing. Even the CEO of the Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao, and the rumored elusive CEO Yun are there! With such a legendary lineup, of course people would run over after hearing about it"

Ning Yaohua was shocked. "What? Lu Tingxiao is there?"

He could understand the commotion since Lu Tingxiao was somewhat the boss of Glory World Entertainment

"CEO Yun... Which CEO Yun?" Ning Yaohua asked.

"The CEO Yun that supported Ning Xi during the cocktail party last time!"

Zhao Shanshan probably thought that Ning Xueluo did not hate her enough already, so she purposely brought up the cocktail party last time. She even looked at Su Yan's mother, Zheng Minjun, and said, "Mother, I really don't know what you were thinking, spending so much effort and money... Just to marry a wild fowl?

"This wild fowl looks okay, but she can't stand competition at all! I mean, the moment a phoenix stands in front of her, she has nothing that she can use to win!"

"Zhao Shanshan! Who did you say is a wild fowl?!" Zhuang Lingyu was fuming. It was the last straw and she went up to Zhao Shanshan.

"Are you not admitting it now? Are you brave enough to tell everyone that Ning Xueluo is your biological daughter? Why don't you go to the hospital and do a paternity test now? You can trick outsiders, but what's the point of acting in front of us?" Zhao Shanshan's words sounded harsher by the moment, and they were all critical hits. Each and every word landed on Ning Xueluo's weakest spots.

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