Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1492

Even Ning Xueluo was shocked by Su Yan's reaction. "I'm sorry, Bro Yan. I didn't train her well enough"

"Go and get your salary for the month, then get out," Su Yan ordered heartlessly.

Xiao Ling was trembling in fear. "Master-in-law, it was wrong of me... I really was wrong to say that... Please don't chase me out"

"Bro Yan, please forgive her. Xiao Ling has been always by my side. She's been taking care of me for a very long time. She just couldn't help it" Ning Xueluo then looked at Zhao Shanshan's direction with teary eyes.

"Fine, that's enough! You guys just got married. What a mess you're making! Xiao Ling, you can give us some space now! Shanshan, go back to your room too!" Zheng Minjun snapped.

Zhao Shanshan pouted and left with a dark expression, thinking about how well-practiced Ning Xueluo's pity acting was. No wonder Su Yan was controlled by her!

"Su Yan, why are you so angry? At least listen to what she has to say," Zheng Minjun sighed.

Su Yan frowned. "Mother, you know I'm really against the servants talking about the people they serve. The things she wanted to say were probably about the things Xiao Xi did because she wasn't aware of the social norms at that time. What else could she say?"

Zheng Minjun thought about it. Xiao Ling would not have known much since she was just a servant anyway, so she stopped pressing on the matter.

Then again, when she saw her son being so protective, some thoughts lingered in her mind

He had come out from her womb after all, and she knew him the best. Could Su Yan still have feelings for that girl?

After a while, in Su Yan and Ning Xueluo's room.

"Bro Yan, are you still angry?" Ning Xueluo carefully walked to the balcony.

"What was Xiao Ling trying to tell Mother just now?" Su Yan leaned on the railing, his expression hidden in the dark and his tone slightly cold.

Ning Xueluo freaked out a little, but she soon calmed down. "What else? Probably just about how Ning Xi made a fool out of herself because of her bad manners"

Su Yan turned around, glaring intensely at the woman beside him directly into her eyes. His expression was deathly serious. "Xueluo, remember what I told you back then. That incident affected Ning Xi so much. No one can know about it! Including anyone in my family! And it was our fault!"

"Bro Yan, of course I know it'll affect Sister greatly. I'd never tell anyone about it! Bro Yan, do you not trust me? You... Do you think I wanted Xiao Ling to tell Mother about this?" Ning Xueluo had a look of disbelief on her face as if she was almost going to break down.

Su Yan remained silent.

He had managed to stop Xiao Ling just now, so there was no point in finding out what shewas trying to say in the first place anymore.

Now, tears flowed down Ning Xueluo's face as she staggered backwardswith a sad and pitiful expression. "Bro Yan, in your heart, am I really such a mean person?"

When he saw how distressed the girl was and thought about how much she had gone through in the past two days, Su Yan's heart softened. "I didn't mean that. I'm just reminding you. Stop crying now. I sounded too harsh, I'm sorry."

Ning Xueluo leaned into Su Yan's chest and sobbed, "Bro Yan, I'm sad. I'm really sad... I just wanted to be with you. I just wanted to marry you... Why is everyone saying things like that?"

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