Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1493

"You don't have to care about Zhao Shanshan. We'll accompany Father and Mother for a while before we move out of this old residence to live alone. As for the rumors online, don't look at them anymore. Those who believe you will naturally do so," comforted Su Yan.

Ning Xueluo looked disappointed and uneasy. "Bro Yan, do you also think that my sister is better? I... My family background... I don't match you at all..."

"What're you saying now? If I cared about this, why would I be with you since the start then?" Su Yan frowned as he lightly patted her back. "In a few more days, I'll take you out and drive away your worries. I've already made the bookings for our honeymoon. For now, don't let your imagination run wild."

Ning Xueluo nestled against his embrace and nodded. "Mmm, Bro Yan... I won't think of anything else right now. I just want to quickly bear your children..."

Aggressive as she was, she was ready to let Zheng Minjun know about Ning Xi's scandal from the last time through Xiao Ling. However, unexpectedly Su Yan had seen it. In fact, he had such a huge reaction. What made her even more nervous was Su Yan's attitude towards Ning Xi. She kept having a feeling that it was not just guilt he harbored...

Now that Su Yan was already suspecting her, she could only drop it for now. Wait till she had Su Yan's child and the Su family's eldest grandchild! Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang would have nothing to say about that!

Whether it was for the Su family or the Ning family, this child was extremely important.

Now, she could not tolerate any more mistakes.

The next day, Ning Xueluo made some time to call the Tang family.

Since the past few years, this was her first time making the initiative to call them.

On the other end of the phone was Sun Lan's tone that sounded unusually emotional as if she was still in disbelief. "Hello...? Xue... Xueluo?"

"It's me."

"Xueluo, why have you called me? Is there anything wrong? I wanted to attend your wedding, but I was afraid that you wouldn't like it, so I didn't go... Have you been well?" Sun Lan asked carefully.

Ning Xueluo went straight to the point. "Send me your account number. Just tell me how much money you want, but it'll be just this once."

Sun Lan immediately rejected with an embarrassed tone, "No need, no need. The matter's been resolved. The people who borrowed our money have already returned it to us! Xueluo, sorry... Back then, the group of people came to our doorstep with knives every day. We were really desperate before I asked Xiao Nuo to go look for you in Imperial... I really didn't intend to trouble you..."

"Okay, I don't have to talk about all of this with you. Since it's resolved, then forget it. I want to know which city did Tang Nuo choose for his first choice of university?" Ning Xueluo asked.

Sun Lan thought that Ning Xueluo was concerned about her brother, so she quickly answered proudly, "Xiao Nuo! Yesterday, Xiao Nuo told me that he was going to put all of his top choices in Imperial! This child... He's been wanting to make it to Imperial since he was young. His results are pretty good, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

"He hasn't really left the house since he was young, so I'm really worried about him. Wait till he goes to university. I thought about going over to accompany him, but Xiao Nuo said there was no need for me. Sigh, all of these are matters for the future. We'll discuss again then..."

Sun Lan was long-windedly telling her all of this while Ning Xueluo was frowning deeper and deeper on the other end of the phone. "Let Tang Nuo change his first choice. Tell him to choose other cities."

"Ah...?" Sun Lan was stunned when she suddenly heard this. There was silence as if she had not reacted.

"If you really feel any guilt towards me at all, if you really see me as your daughter, let Tang Nuo change his first choice. Stay far away from Imperial!" Ning Xueluo's words were remarkably straightforward and cruel.

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