Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1494

"I... Of course, I see you as my real daughter! But how is this related to which city Xiao Nuo will go to university in?" Sun Lan anxiously questioned.

Ning Xueluo's tone turned even more bitter. "Ning Xi has already leaked out my real identity. Even my in-laws know that I'm not the real daughter of the Ning family and that I'm just the daughter of a rural woman! Do you know how awkward of a situation I'm being placed in? And now Tang Nuo is coming to Imperial. Plus, you're even following him! Don't you think enough people know about this already?"

Sun Lan's heart ached when she heard the line "daughter of a rural woman."

She did not expect her daughter to detest them that much

Sun Lan's tone trembled slightly, "Xueluo, I understand that it's difficult for you, but this is related to Xiao Nuo's future! I can choose not togo to Imperial, but Xiao Nuo won't be changing his first choice... Xiao Nuo has been looking forward to going to Imperial. If I were to tell him to change now, he wouldn't be able to take it"

Ning Xueluo laughed coldly, "You just said that you can do anything for me, but you're acting like this the moment your son is involved. This is the extent of your so-called love?"

"Xueluo, no. I... Xueluo, let me think about it... Give me some time, alright? This isn't something I can decide on alone."

In Spring Breeze Town, Chang Chun City.

Inside a single-story house, Sun Lan was weeping by the table while Tang Shan smoked, squatting on the doorstep.

The young man's face was full of rage. "Why?! Why should I change my first choice?! Who does she think she is?! Who gives her the right to make us do this?! While it's true that she's never been under your care, but what about her? She has never fulfilled her filial duty! No one owes her!"

Sun Lan was sobbing, "Xiao Nuo, don't say that... She's your sister anyhow, and she's in a difficult situation right now. She said her identity has been revealed. Her in-laws know about it, so she's in a tight spot"

Tang Nuo's expression looked worse. "So what if it's been revealed? Everyone should've known about it five years ago! Does she think she's really the daughter of the Ning family? All of that belongs to my sister... to Sis Xi! She took away Sis Xi's opportunities for so many years. Was that not enough? Mother, can you not be so selfish?! Even though Sis Xi isn't your real daughter, she stayed with us for 18 years. She's the first one to help us when we're in trouble!"

"I'm not. I don't mean that Xiao Xi isn't good. We're talking about Xueluo now... What should your sister do? She's worried that if we go to Imperial, more people will know about her identity. I know these opportunities are supposed to belong to Xiao Xi, but your sister has come a long way

"She just got married to a rich family. It must be hard for her. If we're close to her, even if we don't look for her and no one finds out, she'd still feel uncomfortable. She'd always live in fear"

"Hard for her? She married into a rich family and gets to enjoy life every day. Which part of that is hard for her? After taking away Sis Xi's opportunities for so long, she deserves to live in fear! Mother, think about how she treated us along the years. I really don't understand why you're feeling guilty towards her!" The young man's face was bright red with anger.

"Father, do you agree that I should change my first choice as well?" The young man looked at his father challengingly.

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