Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1498

"What? Xi Jiang?" Startled, Sun Lan asked her husband to quickly take a look at it since she could not read.

Tang Shan took the acceptance letter and looked through it. "This... How did it turn out this way? Why is it not Imperial University, but an academy in Xi Jiang? Did they send it to the wrong person?"

"But Xiao Nuo's name is written on it!" While Sun Lan could not read, she could still recognize her son's name in the familiar Chinese script.

Elder Madam Tang did not expect this outcome after she had jovially gone over. She quickly asked Tang Nuo, "Xiao Nuo, did you mistakenly fill in the wrong name for your university choices?"

"Impossible! I never picked any school in Xi Jiang at all, and I've checked it over and over again. I definitely wouldn't have gotten it wrong!"

"Then, what happened? Does someone have the same name as you, or did the school from Xi Jiang make a mistake?" Madam Elder Tang made a guess.

Tang Shan shook his head. "The possibility of a mistake by the school is very low. If Xiao Nuo didn't choose this school, how could they have Xiao Nuo's information?"

Sun Lan's face was pale. "Xiao Nuo, quickly check what kind of school this is."

Tang Nuo was already on it. He looked up from his phone with a darkened expression. "It's a school in the second-tier priority listing. The place is really far away. In order for them to get more students, one can get into it with just around 300 marks"

"Second... Second tier... With Xiao Nuo's marks, he deserves to go to a top-tier school! Why did it end up becoming this school?! And it's so far away! It'll take two days and two nights just to get there! I heard it's a really messy place. The order there is questionable as well... How can Xiao Nuo go to school there?! What should we do?" Sun Lan started weeping.

Tang Shan was flustered. "Well... Let's give it some time. Maybe we'll receive the acceptance from Imperial University a few days later."

Sun Lan boiled. "The teacher already said that it wouldn't happen. A person cannot be accepted by two schools at the same time! If he's really been accepted by this school, then he can't go to Imperial University anymore! Damn... Why does Xiao Nuo have to go through this?"

"Stop crying! What help can that do?!" Elder Madam Tang became heated when she saw Sun Lan crying.

The silent Ning Xi spoke up, "It's really late now and we probably can't contact anyone. We'll wait for tomorrow to call the schools to ask what happened."

Sun Lan nodded when she heard Ning Xi. "That's right... We'll call and ask! Something must've gone wrong!"

Tang Nuo grabbed the acceptance letter in silence.

Tang Shan's head drooped miserably. "That's all we can do now"

Elder Madam Tang looked at Ning Xi and did not say anything.

That very night, the Tang family discussed Tang Nuo's issue again, but of course, it was not fruitful.

"Sis, it's really late now. It won't be safe to drive back tonight. Why don't you stay here for the night?" Tang Nuo cheered himself up and invited Ning Xi.

Ning Xi gave it some thought, then shenodded. "Okay."

She had planned to go back to Imperial tonight, but now that Tang Nuo had encountered this issue, she could not just leave him alone. She agreed to stay, so she then quickly sent a text message to Lu Tingxiao and told him about what had happened.

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