Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1500

The next morning, Elder Madam Tang came over early to ask her son and daughter-in-law to start making calls to the university.

No one picked up as it was still too early for anyone to be in the office.

Elder Madam Tang, Tang Shan, and Sun Lan all looked weak and sleep-deprived. They probably had not gotten any rest the whole night. As for Tang Nuo, probably because of Ning Xi's comforting, he had actually fallen asleep.

They waited until office hours commenced, then Tang Shan called the number to Xi Jiang Polytechnic Academy, but he was too nervous to speak clearly. In the end, Tang Nuo took over the phone and turned on the loudspeaker.

"Hi, is this Xi Jiang Polytechnic Academy? I'm a third-year high school student from Yu Lin High School in Chang Chun City. My name is Tang Nuo. I received an acceptance letter from your university, but I didn't put your school on my list of choices, so I just hope you could check for me if something went wrong"

"You received an acceptance letter?"


"Since you've received an acceptance letter, then our school has accepted you. What's wrong with that?"

"But on my list"

"Then, you must have filled it in wrongly. You should look for the related department in the district council, or just ask your teacher."

"I'm going to, but I'd like to confirm if there was a mistake here"

"You can go and check your list first. If there's nothing wrong, then call back again!" Then, the person hung up.

"What's wrong with this person?! It's about Xiao Nuo's life. How could he push away the responsibility?! How much time would it take him to check?" Elder Madam Tang fumed.

"Whatever, he's probably busy. Xiao Nuo, make a call to the district council and ask!" Tang Shan said.

Tang Nuo frowned a little, but he made the call anyway.

He was sure that he had not made a mistake, but since the school in Xi Jiang said so, he just had to double check.

Checking the information took some time. After a long wait into the afternoon, they finally received a call. The final outcome had everyone in despair

"There's no mistake. Xi Jiang Polytechnic School was stated as your first choice!"

"Impossible! I didn't write this school down at all. I wrote Imperial University!" Tang Nuo vexed.

"Mister, can't we change it?" Sun Lan asked carefully.

"If every student came and told me they didn't choose their school wisely and say 'I didn't choose this school', do you think it's possible for me to just change it?"

"I have a teacher as my witness!" Tang Nuo said.

The person on the phone chuckled coldly, "Who knows if you guys are working together? Let me tell you, I've seen a lot like you! You're the third of such a case today!"

"I'm not... I really didn't put that down"

"Sure, sure, stop quibbling! Your choice now is either to attend the school in Xi Jiangor to repeat another year!"

The phone call ended.

There was dead silence.

Tears of disbelief filled Tang Nuo's eyes and he clenched his fists tightly. "I don't believe it... I don't believe it... I didn't make a mistake!"

Ning Xi suddenly spoke up, "Could someone else have changed it?"

Of course, she believed that Tang Nuo would not make such a low-level mistake, but the main point was that Tang Nuo did not even know about this school and had not put it as an alternative as well. How could he have magically filled it in wrong?

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