Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1501

"What... What should we do?" Sun Lan was sobbing non-stop hopelessly.

Elder Madam Tang was filled with dread as well. "Could someone have really changed it? Which damned person did it?!"

"Sigh, even when we have a teacher as a witness?" Tang Shan asked.

"The person already said 'no' just now! Moreover, we're not sure if the teacher made the mistake himself... Maybe he wouldn't testify for us to avoid the responsibility"

Their three faces were full of desperation

Tang Nuo looked like he had lost his soul. After a while, he picked up the phone again.

He called the Ministry of Education, the exam center, and the school. All he received were the same official answers. If what he submitted was really Xi Jiang, then he had no choice but to go there.

"Is there really no way out of this?" Sun Lan looked very lost.

Tang Shan squatted down and started smoking. "We don't have power at all. What can we do? We can only take it as it is"

Elder Madam Tang was filled with wrath. "How can we do that?! I'm not going to do nothing! I don't care. I'm going to seek justice for Xiao Nuo! I will go and sleep before the entrance of the district council! I don't believe no one will listen to me!"

Tang Shan tried helplessly to placate the old woman. "Mother, you're already really old. Don't do that. Elder Niu from the nearby village has been struggling for three years over his son's matter and nothing has happened. Some time ago, a bunch of people suddenly broke his leg too. Without power, no one will listen to you"

Tang Nuo slumped, utterly defeated. "Grandmother, don't act rashly. It's fine... I can just repeat a year"

Ning Xi actually felt a little awkward. Although she was not supposed to intervene, she figured that she had to speak up. "I'll make a call and see if I can get help."

Everyone from the Tang family peered at her.

"Xiao Xi, you... You know someone that can help?" Sun Lan asked while trying to hide her excitement as Tang Shan looked over as well.

Ning Xi chose her words carefully. "It shouldn't be a big problem. Don't worry too much."

ElderMadam Tang grumbled, "You're talking big. What can a little actress like you do?"

Tang Nuo fidgeted uneasily as he thought of something, then he dragged Ning Xi aside. "Sis, I'm really alright. Don't trouble others because of me!"

He knew Ning Xi did not have a positive relationship with the Ning family. She had achieved everything she possessed today by herself, and he did not want her to beg the Nings for his sake.

Ning Xi smiled warmly. "It's no trouble at all. I'm calling your brother-in-law!"

"Huh? Bro... Brother-in-law? I have a brother-in-law?" Tang Nuo was taken aback.

"I'll talk to you later. Let me make a call first." Ning Xi patted Tang Nuo's shoulder, then shewent into the room to make the call.

"Hello?" The man's voice through the phone made her feel at peace.

"Hi, darling. I might need your help... It's about what I told you last night"

"Your brother's acceptance letter?"

"Yes, someone might have changed Xiao Nuo's first choice"

"Okay, I got it. I'll get back to you as soon as possible." It was just a simple, curt reply.

After the call, Sun Lan went up to her. "Xiao Xi, have you called him? How was it?"

"He'll get back to me as soon as possible," Ning Xi replied.

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