Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1503

"Ah! Sis! Sis, come here!"

Tang Nuo yelled in excitement from the entrance. Immediately, Tang Shan, Sun Lan, ElderMadam Tang, and Ning Xi all went over

The four of them saw a man outside the door and Tang Nuo gasping dramatically with a letter in his hand.

"Sis! Look! The acceptance letter! The acceptance letter from Imperial University!"

"What...? Xiao Nuo, where did you get that?!" Sun Lan, Tang Shan, and Elder Madam Tang surrounded him eagerly. Even Ning Xi looked surprised as well.

"Brother-in-law... Brother-in-law gave it to me just now! He said it's a gift for me!" Tang Nuo held it in the crook of his arm like his baby, then hetook it out to let his parents and grandmother see.

Uhh... A gift?

Ning Xi's mouth twitched when she saw the man by the door.

She knew the devil was always efficient, but this was surpassing his usual standards!

He had actually brought the acceptance letter of Imperial University over personally.

It was not even that long after she called him -- just half a day! Excluding the time he needed to drive there, he had probably obtained this letter in less than an hour


As Tang Nuo was still trembling in elation, Ning Xi went up to Lu Tingxiao. "Your speed... You are way too fast"

"It's the first time you've asked me for help," Lu Tingxiao said.

It was such a rare chance that his wife needed him.

Ning Xi coughed lightly. "Uhh"

Why did it feel like Lu Tingxiao was complaining?

Come to think of it, she had never actually asked Lu Tingxiao for help before. This time, she had done so for Tang Nuo's sake.

"This... Is this really the acceptance letter from Imperial University?" Sun Lan could not believe her eyes.

They made countless calls and had gone to so many places, but everyone had told them it was impossible. Who would have expected a call from Ning Xi would grant them an acceptance letter from Imperial University at their doorstep?

"Xiao Nuo, did you check it properly?" Elder Madam Tang was both surprised and worried.

"I read through it thoroughly. It's correct. There's also a stamp from Imperial University!"

"Xiao Xi, how do we address your boyfriend? We're really thankful to him! So grateful!" Sun Lan gushed.

"He... His family name is Ke." Ning Xi cautiously did not tell them the truth.

"Mr. Ke, I really don't know how to thank you!"

"Brother-in-law, how did you do it? Everyone told us that it's impossible!"

"I asked a friend to help. Since you have a teacher as yourwitness, it's not a big issue," Lu Tingxiao gave a simple explanation.

It was a really simple reply, but the whole Tang family knew that it was not that easy. Had Xiao Xi's boyfriend not help this time, they could only suck it up

ElderMadam Tang was still clutching the acceptance letter in joy. She did not expect the girl to really help them this time. Raising her was not for nothing after all! At least, she still helped her brother, and was better than that heartless brat who had never even come back once!

The man this girl had found... Although they did not know much about his background,from his looks and aura which were impeccable, he looked much more outstanding than the First Master from the Su family

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