Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1509

"My dear, there're so many people around! That's not very appropriate, is it?"

The man sounded as annoying as ever, but Ning Xi clenched her teeth hard. She could not care less about the people around there. She yelled loudly, "Are you freaking crazy?! Who told you to come over?!"

Although he was being scolded, the man seemed to be in a jovial mood. "Are you always this furious towards your saviors?"

Ning Xi ignored him and dragged the man's coat off, then saw his white undershirtwhich was stained with bright red blood. Ning Xi's expression changed as her hands started shaking. "You're bleeding!"

Yun Shen turned and looked over his arm, then he frowned a little, "How troublesome!"

"Gosh! CEO Yun is injured! Someone call an ambulance!" A person nearby yelled loudly.

Ning Xi forced herself to calm down, but her voice was still trembling, "No... He's not going to make it... He's not going to"

"Ning Xiao Xi, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Jiang Muye squeezed through the crowd.

Ning Xi then looked at Jiang Muye sharply. "Jiang Muye, what car did you drive today?"

Jiang Muye looked confused. "My big red sports car... Why?"

Ning Xi helped Yun Shen up. "Get us to the hospital!"




Somewhere nearby, Meng Shiyi witnessed the moment that Yun Shen risked his life to save Ning Xi. She clenched her fists out of jealousy.

That damned witch! She had charmed Yun Shen to the point that he would trade his life for hers, risking his treasured body for that cheap person

On the other hand, Ning Xi quickly helped Yun Shen into Jiang Muye's car, then sheasked Jiang Muye to speed tothe nearest hospital, Imperial First People Hospital.

The metal strip on the camera had made a long gash at the back of Yun Shen's neck, and blood was flowing out quickly. Ning Xi ripped off part of her dress and did some quick patching as she pressed onto the wound tightly. At the same time, she was pressuring Jiang Muye who was driving, "Jiang Muye, are you really sure you can do it?! Go faster! If you can't, then let me do it!"

Jiang Muye was annoyed. "Who said I can't do it?! I'm going very fast already!"

She had actually askeda man if he could do it!

Ning Xu kept on urging him, "Ignore the red lights. Beat them if there's no one else around! Quick!"

Jiang Muye did not feel very comfortable when he watched Ning Xi from the rearview mirror. He had never seen her this nervous. He asked in a rude tone, "It's just a small wound for a man. Do you really need to be this nervous?"

Ning Xi replied with a stern voice, "Stop talking to me. Focus on driving!"

Jiang Muye felt wronged

You're the one who was bothering me! We're both your exes, but why is the way you treat us so different?

From the back seat, Yun Shen quietly looked at the girl's frown and her sweat trickling. He smiled. "You never meant what you said... You said just now that you don't care about me"

Ning Xi glared at the blood gushing out between her fingers as she pressed on the wound. "I just don't want to owe you anything again!"

The man's eyes darkened. He leaned back and mumbled, "How cruel... Can't you just go along with it for once?"

"Shut it! Don't talk anymore! Save some strength!"

Jiang Muye felt strange when he heard their conversation. Ning Xi's attitude towards Yun Shen... Was she not overreacting?

This ex-boyfriend was really scary

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