Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1512

In the recovery room.

Yun Shen was not unconscious for very long; it was just a small wound after all and he would be alright once the bleeding stopped.

The man looked at peace when he was unconscious. His soft, silver hair covered his forehead and his left eye. He actually looked a little weak right then, vastly different from the arrogant vibe he usually carried.

However, when he opened his eyes, he instantly transformed back into his usual self.

The man was alert and looked around. When he saw the girl by the bedside, his playful side returned to him. "Seems like I'm not dead yet…"

"Please!" Ning Xi glared at the man. "Can you not mention dying in the hospital?"

The man said regretfully, "How disappointed…"

Ning Xi was speechless. "You're disappointed that you're not dead?"

The man's eyes twinkled. "I just wanted to see what kind of expression you'd make if I died…"

Ning Xi stayed silent…

This maniac!

"My dear, I saved you once again!" The man's eyes were gleaming and he sounded happy.

Ning Xi had enough of him. She became wary. "Don't try to trick me again…"

She really wished she had been the one injured!

"Anyway I've lost a lot of blood for you, so it'll be alright for you to stay and take care of me, won't it?"

Ning Xi thought this guy was about to request for something impossible, which she was going to reject instantly, but since he had returned to normal and it was a reasonable request, she suddenly had no idea how to reply him…

"Dear, go and peel me an apple!"

Before Ning Xi could reply, someone already started making requests with a big smile pasted on his face.

Ning Xi frowned. Her eyes looked at the bandages on Yun Shen's shoulder and blood patches all around him, then she reached out for an apple.

As she was about to peel it, a hand extended from behind her.

Lu Tingxiao suddenly came over and took the apple and knife from Ning Xi's hand. He said with a deep, cold voice, "I'll do it."

Yun Shen looked at the person with an odd smile.

Lu Tingxiao was really skilled and deft. He finished peeling the apple in an instant, the peel connected in one strip without any breakage at all. It was a blissful sight for those who had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Lu Tingxiao's long fingers passed the apple to the patient on the bed as he said expressionlessly, "I'll pay back for what she owes."

"Lu Tingxiao…" Ning Xi had an indescribable feeling inside her when she heard that.

The man with white hair narrowed his eyes. He let out a cold vibe but it was not shown in his expression at all. He stared at the apple Lu Tingxiao had in his hand and said with a disgusted tone, "I only eat apples in the shape of a bunny."

Ning Xi was speechless. She had had enough of him!

Lu Tingxiao patiently took a plate and then swiftly cut the apple into shapes of bunnies.

"I suddenly don't feel like eating an apple now!" The man on the bed said. He looked around with his seductive eyes. "Help me change my clothes…"

Ning Xi could not stand him anymore. She glared at him as if he was trying to flirt with her partner, and she was about to bite him to death. "Damn it! Enough is enough!"

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