Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1517

What a familiar sensation to her.

"Turn around and raise your hands!" The man yelled cruelly.

Ning Xi cooperated and put her hands up. She looked behind and saw a big guy wearing a black tank top, glaring at her fiercely while pointing a gun at her. There was also another man beside him, aiming a gun at her too. He said in a deep voice, "Get in the car!"

Ning Xi looked at the white van beside her car. There were another two people inside, all of them armed. These were definitely not your everyday kidnappers.

After assessing the situation, Ning Xi knew she could not run away from this unscathed, so she cooperated and waited for her chance to escape.

When they shoved her hard, the pink crystal hair clip on Ning Xi's hair fell on the ground.

It was the one Little Treasure had given her on her birthday…

Ning Xi tensed up. Just as she was about to pick it up, the large man stepped on it, crushing the hair clip.

"What are you doing?! Do you want to die?!" The man pushed Ning Xi inside the car.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and hid her rising bloodlust. She was tied up after she got into the car, but they did not blindfold her.

Ning Xi frowned. They did not blindfold her... so were they not planning to let her stay alive?

"Who are you people?" Ning Xi carefully assessed the four people in the car and tried to probe.

The driver had a long scar across his face as if it was done by a knife. The blonde in the passenger seat looked carefree and was smoking, while the one on her left was the big-sized guy and on her right was a tall, skinny man.

After some basic evaluation, these people looked strong and they were obviously trained, but not to the level of a mercenary like Feng Xiaoxiao, so she could omit the possibility that Feng Jin had sent them.

However, of course, they were not your regular kidnappers or thugs. These guys probably came from the streets and had complicated backgrounds.

The big-sized man was playing with the gun in his hand and he said in a spooky voice, "Someone who wants your life!" 

The blonde in front turned around as he rubbed his hands. "Before we take her life, let me have some fun!"

The big-sized man stared at the blonde. "It'll only be your turn if the Boss doesn't want her!"

"Ugh... She's such a beauty... There's no way the Boss won't want to do it!"

"Stop with the nonsense. Why are you so impatient when I haven't even said anything?!"

"Yes, yes... I'll just pick up whatever is left over by you guys…" The blonde smiled and eyed Ning Xi with a perverted gaze.

To the blonde, the woman in the back seat had really fair skin, and her cute little face was really impressive. In that pink number, she looked so adorable.

"Tsk... Such a cutie, no wonder Miss wants to eliminate her," he mumbled.

Ning Xi now knew who was behind this! Could it be Meng Shiyi?!

The big-sized man seemed to realize that Ning Xi might have found out the identity of his Miss, but he did not mind at all. She was about to die, after all, so it would not make a difference if she knew about it or not!

These people were really vigilant. They probably knew about her physical abilities beforehand, so the entire car journey, there was always a muzzle pointing at her.

Ning Xi was really obedient along the way. She closed her eyes and relaxed, curious about Meng Shiyi's rumored background. What could it be?

After some time on the road, the car stopped.

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