Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1521

"How about... We try switching to women?"

The blonde guy got a solid kick from his boss. "Idiot! Don't try to get me into more trouble!"

The blonde groaned and used his arms to shield his head. "No, that's not what I meant! It might really be possible. Didn't you notice that she made all of us swallow the bomb but not the two girls? She looked so disinterested and was even disgusted towards the young men we got her. She probably doesn't like men!"

The big-sized guy touched his chin as he weighed the possibility. "Well, Boss, the kid's got a point this time…"

The boss clenched his teeth. "Nonsense…"

A beauty who liked girls instead of men? He would never believe it!

"Boss, let's try since we all might die anyway," the blonde mumbled.

The boss felt that his assumption was not reliable, so he refuted the idea.

At the same time, a female devil somewhere was looking for someone to play a shooting game with her because she was bored.

The henchmen obediently arranged the targets for her, fulfilling all her needs.

Ning Xi was casually spinning a gun around in her hand as she smiled at everyone. "Playing by myself is no fun at all. Let's do something interesting, alright? If anyone can best two out of three matches against me, I'll let him go!"

Everyone seemed to have found a ray of hope as she said this. They all looked at her direction.

"Really? As long as we win, then we can go? What if you break your promise?" Someone timidly voiced out his suspicions.

Ning Xi glanced at that person. "Believe me or not, it's up to you!"

"Uhh…" Everyone looked like they were about to cry.

The blonde's eyes lit up and he quickly ran over. "Then, I'll go first! I believe you'll keep your promise!"

Ning Xi waved her hand casually. "Sure."

The blonde whipped out his gun and took a deep breath before he aimed at the target.

At the same time, everyone around looked at the blonde nervously.

They knew that the blonde had pretty good marksmanship. If not, he would not have challenged her.

"I'll start now then!"

"Stop talking!"

"Yes, yes…"

The blonde pulled the trigger. Bang!

"9.2 points!" A skinny score recorder yelled.

Bang! The second shot. "9.5 points!"

Bang! The second shot. "10 points!"

"Oh! Marvelous!" The crowd cheered for him.

"What a hideous man! He's going to leave us behind!"

Among the cheering, there were triple loud, consecutive shots. Ning Xi had made three shots and all of them hit the bullseye.

Everyone was mind-blown.

"Go ahead," Ning Xi said without any expression.

"This can't be real…" Someone blurted out after a short silence.

After that, several other people challenged her out of frustration. In the end, all of them were defeated.

Finally, Ning Xi became impatient and she told the next challenger, "From now on, anyone who loses will tell me his bomb number."

Everyone dreaded whatever was coming next. Oh no, the female devil was going to start a killing spree!

The boss with tattoos could not just sit around anymore. If she kept this up, everyone was going to end up dead!

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