Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523: Historic Moment

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Feng Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Her heart was shattered into pieces! How could he say the word "ugly" to a girl? He should not have done that even if he was commenting on the apple she peeled!

"Hey, I tried, okay? How is it ugly? It's so cute! Who carved this apple?" Feng Xiaoxiao saw a yellowish apple on the table. "This apple was carved really carefully. I mean, it's a piece of art by itself, but you didn't eat it either"

The man then stared at her with a blizzard-like gaze.

Feng Xiaoxiao backed off with the apple still in her hand, looking innocent. "Is there something wrong?"

The door opened and Tang Ye came in. "Little Junior Sister was kidnapped by the Qing Xuan Gang."

Yun Shen and Feng Xiaoxiao's expressions changed.

In a few minutes, Feng Xiaoxiao calmed down. "Well, my woman's instincts told me that Meng Shiyi wouldn't be able to stand down, but I knew Little Junior Sister would be alright! Boss, you already told everyone in the industry. No one would dare to lay their hands on Little Junior Sister unless they aren't close to the core and didn't know about your orders. Still, she can easily handle those small fries by herself"

Feng Xiaoxiao's prediction was correct. Even if Meng Shiyi were the daughter of the boss of the Qing Xuan Gang, she could not summon the main forces of the gang either. At most, she could only utilize a small section of them.

Yet, the man on the bed was not relaxed at all. In fact, he looked terrible as he got up from the bed and looked at Feng Xiaoxiao coldly. With a sarcastic tone, he said, "It's alright? It'd be alright if it were a year ago! Now, she's become a useless person after being with Lu Tingxiao!"


So what if she became useless now? So many women were longing to be spoiled like that! How unromantic! No wonder he can't find a girlfriend.

Just admit that you're worried about Little Junior Sister...

The man quickly put on his coat. Tang Ye frowned and blocked his path. "Satan, your wound hasn't recovered yet. You can't leave the bed."

Feng Xiaoxiao went along, "Right, right. I think Lu Tingxiao must've gone over already. We don't have to join them"

Tang Ye pinched the space between his eyebrows and glared at Feng Xiaoxiao in silence.

Feng Xiaoxiao was confused. "What's wrong again?"

Because of Feng Xiaoxiao's words, Tang Ye knew there was no going back. He just looked at Yun Shen as he gathered 20 elites and headed towards the Qing Xuan Gang branch.

Just ten of his elites would be more than enough already, but not only did he gather 20. He even had Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao with him, his two war machines.

When they reached the location where Ning Xi had been abducted, they met Lu Tingxiao and his people.

Feng Xiaoxiao looked at the chilly man leading the other group, then she looked at her own boss. "What a rare sight to behold. The Qing Xuan Gang must be very lucky, having these two people look them up today. This historic moment should be recorded in their gang's history"

The troubled Shi Xiao was standing behind Lu Tingxiao.

Although he was Ning Xi's bodyguard, he was not remarkably effective at all. Ning Xi only brought him along to events with crowds to avoid people mistaking her for being arrogant.
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