Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525: Feel The Sadness

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Feng Xiaoxiao's mouth twitched in amusement. "Is it just me, or do these people look really happy?"

Could they be plotting something?

The boss of the branch finally got up after crying for a while. He looked like he was afraid that they might leave. "Everyone, I'm sorry for not being able to serve you better. Please come in quickly"

What did he mean by that?

Things were really strange

Oh, well, with their combination, they feared no tricks.

Since the both of them prioritized Ning Xi's safety, Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao looked at each other. Then, they nodded and ordered their men to go in at the same time.

"This way!" The boss led them personally, his eyes still wet while the other members rushed into the hall in high spirits.

Out of the blue, many people came out. All of them looked at the group as if angels had just come to visit them. The atmosphere was oddly saturated with hope and joy.

Someone mumbled, "That's great... Someone's finally here to save us"


What had happened?

Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao walked up front. Behind them was Feng Xiaoxiao, Tang Ye, Shi Xiao, and a group of fierce elites.

The situation was peculiar, so all of them were on high alert. When they were just a few steps away from the hall, their vigilance heightened to its peak.

Then, Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen saw the girl, who had made them worry so much, sitting comfortably on a tiger pelt on a chair. A bunch of pretty girls was around her. One was massaging her shoulder, one was massaging her back, one was pouring her some wine, and some were fanning her. Some were even dancing for her.

On the other hand, the men were performing some street tricks such as shooting apples on top of each other's heads, crushing large bricks on top of their chest and so on. Some were even giving an entertaining show-and-tell performance...

How was this kidnapping? This was the conquering of a territory!

Everyone by the door was quiet.

The boss of the branch was worried when all of them stopped moving. "Everyone, please bring Ms. Ning away quickly! We really didn't hurt a strand of hair on her at all"

She's the one who has been hurting us!

"We're too ignorant. We know our fault now. We wanted to let her go as soon as possible, but she didn't want to leave. We've tried everything, but we ran out of ideas"

Please get this she-devil away from us!

The others were whimpering and agreeing to what their boss said. "We're just following orders. We didn't even lay a hand on Ms. Ning!"

"I haven't gotten married"

"I'll surely do good from this point onwards"

The guys were crying, making anyone who saw them surely feel the sorrow within them.

They were not to be blamed. Ning Xi had had her torturous ways with them, and she was undeniably an expert at psychological warfare. Their traumatic experience had reached their maximum at this point.

"So, so pitiful," Feng Xiaoxiao mumbled.

In the hall, people started streaming towards the entrance when they realized something odd was going on. Ning Xi raised her head and suddenly spat out some wine.

"What the heck!?"
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