Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527: They Were Here To Rescue The Kidnappers...

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"Mmm." Ning Xi nodded obediently. At the same time, she was relieved that she had avoided a catastrophe.

Suddenly, Yun Shen's voice reached her ears. "What's up with those girls?"

Why did he have to mention that? Gah!

Ning Xi almost wanted to kill him. She replied almost instantly, "That's none of your business! My darling hasn't even said anything yet!"


Tang Ye coughed lightly and reminded her, "He's still injured."

Please take it easy on him, Little Junior Sister.

"What's up with the girls?" This time, it was Lu Tingxiao who asked.

It was such a rare moment that Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao were on the same side. Yun Shen was so surprised that he looked at Lu Tingxiao.

This time, Ning Xi could not answer half-heartedly again.

She phrased her words carefully, "It's all their fault! They stooped so low and tried to win me over by seducing me! At first, they brought the guys, then it was the girls! Do you think I'm the kind of person who can be won over by such low tactics? Of course not! I'm just afraid the girls might be scared by their ferocious faces, so I chatted with them for a little and soothed their feelings"

Everyone from the gang was rendered speechless.

Who was the ferocious one?! Compared to her, all of them were obedient little babies!

As Ning Xi was twisting her words, Yun Shen interrupted, "Soothing their feelings? You really had to let them sit on your thighs?"

Ning Xi could not find a comeback.

"What are you talking about?! Who's sitting on my thighs?!"

"If we hadn't come here in time, wouldn't someone already be sitting there?" He had caught a glimpse of a girl slowly inching closer to Ning Xi just now.

"I wouldn't let them do that even if you guys didn't come, alright? Do you think I'd be someone with such low integrity like you?" Ning Xi fumed.

The man continued to sneer, "We were thinking of ideas to rescue you outside, yet you were having fun in here. Are you making any sense? If we were here any later, you'd probably have a wife already!"


Lu Tingxiao sighed and he stopped their argument. "Let's leave this place first."

The gang members nodded vigorously. All of them wished that they would leave as soon as possible!

The group left, which made the gang members cheer happily. They practically wanted to throw a party to celebrate their freedom.

At the entrance, Ning Xi saw Yun Shen looking pale and checking his wound from time to time. She frowned. "Why are you here when you're not even fully recovered yet?!"

Yun Shen's expression darkened. "What now? Are you worried that your partner will be sucked dry by me?"

Ning Xi was speechless. Could he be any worse?

Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head, thinking that her boss truly had very low EQ.

Little Junior Sister was just concerned about you!

"So, what are we doing here today?" Feng Xiaoxiao felt like she had been defeated over nothing.

"For a rescue," Shi Xiao said.

Mmm, to rescue the kidnappers. That's right.

At midnight, the white-haired man was looking out of the large window. "Before dawn, take over the Qing Xuan Gang."

His short instruction was about to cause a massive bloodbath in Imperial that night

Tang Ye accepted his order. "Will do."

Inside a VIP room in a high-class club.

Things were getting wild in the room. Everyone was surrendering to their desires and having fun when suddenly there was a loud bam. The door was kicked open all of a sudden.
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