Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529: Stray Dog

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Meng Zhenhuan was shocked when he heard what Tang Ye said.

What did he mean by finding out about it himself?

Could there be some issue with him? Did someone from his side offend that man?

How was that even possible!?

Meng Zhenhuan then made several other calls. In the end, he got a lead. One of the branch heads hinted to him to ask his daughter.

Ask Shiyi?

How would Shiyi know anything about this?

Meng Zhenhuan was confused, but he still asked her to come over.

"Father, what do you need me for at this time? Why did you disturb my beauty sleep!?" Meng Shiyi pouted impatiently.

"Let me ask you. What have you been up to recently?" Meng Zhenhuan asked in his deep voice.

"What else can I do? Filming, shopping, and facials"

"Anything else?"


"Think properly!" Meng Zhenhuan slammed hard on the table.

Meng Shiyi was shocked by the sudden aggression. She tried to focus when she saw her father's terrible expression. "I really didn't do anything... Why are you being so fierce towards me?!"

"Did you offend anyone recently?"

"Father, what are you talking about? Who's worthy enough to make you use the word 'offend'?" Meng Shiyi said, full of pride.

Meng Zhenhuan seemed like he was about to erupt. He said in a stern voice, "Satan's people have been shutting our gang down. Do you know that they are coming right into our house soon?! Think about what you might've done that could have upset him! I've asked around and someone told me to ask you! Did you offend anyone?"

Meng Shiyi's expression changed. "Impossible! I just"

"You just what?" Meng Zhenhuan realized something was up and he asked carefully.

Meng Shiyi gnawed on her lip. With a guilty conscience, she said, "I just gave a lesson to that vixen who seduced Bro Shen!"

Meng Zhenhuan slammed the table furiously. "That's probably it! Where is she?! Let her go! We might still have a chance for forgiveness if you go and apologize personally!"

As Meng Zhenhuan confronted his daughter, numerous people with blood all over them came in and reported bad news to him. More and more branches had been wiped out.

"Boss, the Green Dragon Section has fallen."

"Boss! Chang Chun City is controlled by them now!"

"Boss, Dong Ying City has turned their back on us"

Meng Shiyi just stood in the middle of the room, watching these people coming in and going out, and the leaders of each branch asking her father what to do. She felt like she was in a dream.

Before this, she had still been a powerful lady. However, suddenly she was like an abandoned stray dog

Meng Zhenhuan gave up talking to his daughter. He quickly investigated what had happened that day, then he summoned the people who were ordered to kidnap Ning Xi.

"Boss, the person is alright... She's alright! The great aunt isn't hurt at all! She's been rescued a long time ago! I just didn't tell you the truth to avoid blame from Miss" The head of the small branch replied fearfully.

He was just a minor leader. His legs were shaking as it was his first time seeing so many bosses around him.

Meng Zhenyuan let out a sigh of relief when he found out that the girl was alright. He then asked, "She was rescued? Who rescued her?"

"I don't know who they are. I've never seen them before, but all of them looked like trouble... Oh right, there were two groups of people. One of the leaders looked pretty unique. He had white hair"

"White hair?!" Meng Zhenhuan stood up suddenly.
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