Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535: Whos Going To Win?

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Although that guy was pretty annoying sometimes, he was really caring towards his comrades.

Ning Xi then realized that that guy seemed to still consider her as one of them.

Meng Shiyi had lost the company and her powerful background had crumbled overnight as well. She had now become a regular artiste in the industry. It was fortunate that she did not go crazy after such a terrible experience. She would never have the capacity to scheme anything else now.

Ning Xi was not sympathetic towards Meng Shiyi's circumstances. It was simply how their world worked, following the law of the jungle.

She had to bear the consequences of her own behavior. If Meng Shiyi had kidnapped a run-of-the-mill girl that day instead of her, the girl would have probably been dead by now.

The next day, the nomination list for the 53rd Golden Film Awards was announced.

Being one of the largest events in the industry, it quickly grabbed everyone's attention, causing a big ruckus when the list was released.

The biggest attraction was the double nomination of the Best Female Lead for Ning Xueluo for her role in the films "The World" and "Mountain". Besides that, "Mountain" was also nominated for eight other awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Secondary Female Lead, and others. It became one of the most nominated films this time around and seemed like a popular candidate to win some awards.

Suddenly, Ning Xueluo's rating on the Net skyrocketed. Film critics used various ways to flatter Ning Xueluo's performance in the two films. As for Ning Xueluo's fans who had gone silent because of her wedding incident and the accusation of her defaming Ning Xi, all of them were revived with excitement

"My Xueluo is the best! Two Best Female Lead nominations! The last time this happened was ten years ago!"

"An actor's job is to act well unlike someone who's always playing tricks to grab the spotlight and rip off others' popularity! I heard that someone's been nominated for Best Female Lead as well! She's nominated for just a stupid romance drama. Is the judging panel blind?!"

"So what? She's probably just there as a benchwarmer!"

Ning Xi was still a newbie, after all, so suspicions about her nomination for Best Female Lead and Best Secondary Female Lead were not out of the ordinary.

However, Ning Xi's current fan base was pretty powerful on their own. They waged an all-out war with Ning Xueluo's fans and anti-fans. Many fans who knew the ropes analyzed why Ning Xi had been nominated

"A stupid romance drama? There's a saying that you only see what you are. Only uncultured people would think that 'Dream Chaser' is a stupid drama!"

"Our Bro Xi played the role of the female lead and the female lead's brother. She had to act as two different genders! None of the scenes felt odd at all. Everything progressed so smoothly, yet you're telling me she doesn't know how to act?"

"And as for Bro Xi's role as Meng Changge in 'The World', from an innocent little girl to a female general that bears her family's fate, then turns into a cunning princess... She acted out the drastic c changes in the development of the character Meng Changge! That was Ning Xi's first movie and she was already at that level! Those people who say Bro Xi isn't capable are blind!"

In a nutshell, ever since the day the list was announced, the war continued on. Many people even placed bets over the Net, wagering on who would grab the Best Female Lead award.
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