Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536: Warzone of Female Stars

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Many private casinos started taking bets on the results. While most people betted on Ning Xueluo, Lu Jingli betted a large amount of money on his sister-in-law instead.

At Starlight Entertainment.

"Sis Xueluo is here!"

"Congratulations, Sis Xueluo! Both your films have been nominated for Best Female Lead! That's amazing!"

"'The World' received four nominations and 'Mountain' received eight nominations. I'm pretty sure you'll win the Best Female Lead award!"

"Of course! Sis Xueluo only has one opponent after all!"

She replied everyone's compliments humbly, "I'm not as great as everyone says. They're just nominations. Moreover, there're a lot of powerful candidates this time!"

"Sis Xueluo you're too humble. 'Mountain' is the work of Director Feng! He's a well-known award-winning director. Directors who produce trash commercialized films like Chen Mian cannot compare to him at all!"

"She's right! Sis Xueluo will win it for sure, yet the fans of a certain someone are such a joke. They actually compared that commercialized film to Xueluo's film! 'Dream Chaser' isn't even worthy of picking up Xueluo's leftovers!"

"Someone didn't just bask in Sis Xueluo's glory using the glamor of the Best Secondary Female Lead from 'The World'. Her fans are even criticizing Xueluo. How shameless!"

The haze in Ning Xueluo's mind cleared after she heard the flattery from them and their disgust towards Ning Xi. She smiled. "It's my treat at Hao Jue tonight. Do come if you're free!"


"Thank you, Sis Xueluo!"

After Ning Xueluo left, the artistes earlier gathered again and started gossiping.

"I believe the fight this time will be tough! But look at her! She's already acting like she's already won. I wonder how many people did she pay to get all that flattery online!"

"The Ning Xi today isn't the same person as she was when she was still under Chang Li. She has the outlook, the resources, and the capabilities. Both of her movies are of high quality. 'Nine Realms' that just ended was a big production as well. I think she'll gain even more popularity soon."

"After getting several awards, she'll eventually become the second Leng Manyun. Compared to Su Yimo who always thought that she was the lady boss, Ning Xi is so much more reliable!"

"The only bad thing about Ning Xi is probably her background. I heard she's from a rural area and that her household is pretty poor. Her parents are farmers. Compared to Ning Xueluo who's born in a rich family with a silver spoon, there's still a gap between them"

"You don't have a choice about these sort of things, after all. You can't do anything about it"

They sighed together. They were no different from Ning Xi. All of them came from normal families, so they were really jealous and admired people like Ning Xueluo.

The forum about the Golden Film Awards was rather lively this time around. The popularity of the topic did not dip at all. A month later, the day of the awards ceremony finally arrived.

Ning Xi was a little nervous. It was her dream, after all. It was the day to assess the results she had achieved based on her efforts.

Before the ceremony, there was the usual gunpowder-filled walk on the red carpet, an especially important warzone for the female stars. Everyone would give their all to contend for attention.

Ning Xi was initially arranged to enter with another female star, but something unexpected happened...
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